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Explore The US Job Program For Foreign Students

The US is the world’s third largest country both in terms of size and even population. In addition to this, it is a world leader in every sphere, be it politics, business, media, technology, science, and education. This makes the opportunities for job hunting in this country diverse and vast. So while many international students study in American universities and colleges, some dream of seeking employment here too, even if it is on a temporary basis. You can find the best US job program for foreign students, which makes working in the US temporarily after finishing your education possible.

The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program

According to reports, the US government program for foreign students is slowly but steadily expanding. The government’s Optional Practical Training (OPT) program was built to assist foreign students who are graduating from American universities and colleges. This offers them a chance to stay in the country for a longer duration even after they finish their studies. The chance is offered so that they can gain access to temporary employment.

Based on the federal program, it is possible for individuals with an F1 visa, who complete school, to remain in the US and work for up to one year. Many foreign students taking classes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) can even work for an additional 24 months. The OPT program is not as famous as the US government’s H-1B visa program but the number of people participating in OPT is significantly rising every year.

The H-1B visa program

Under the H-1B program, foreign workers are allowed to stay in the States for six years. After the six-year duration, these workers either have to seek permission to stay in the country on a permanent basis or need to go back to their home country again. This program is formulated to offer employment to foreign workers for jobs that require specialized knowledge. More often than not, working for a temporary job through the OPT program is the first step that individuals take in the hope of receiving an H-1B visa at a later stage.

When compared to the OPT program that saw around 257,000 people take part in it in 2006, the H-1B program is restricted to around 85,000 people every year.

Expanding opportunities for foreign students in US job programs

Although the US comprises of the largest student population in the world, foreign student enrollment in the US colleges seems to have reduced since 2016. This is mostly because of the government policies that seek to set boundaries on immigration. Nevertheless, foreign student candidates truly deserving enough benefit to a large extent from the US job programs available.