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Why Should Students Pursue Their Under Graduation Courses Abroad?

Usually the Indian students choose to study their undergraduate programme in India, work for a few of years, gain experience and then go out of the country for a postgraduate degree. However, this trend has changed in current years, as easy access to education loans has encouraged a rise in the number of students choosing to study an undergraduate programme overseas, right after they complete their 12th boards. Apart from full-time undergraduate programmes there are several summer school programmes, technical and vocational training courses that can be studied abroad after completing 12th boards.

Studying after 12th boards in the USA

In the USA, four-year undergraduate programmes are offered in most universities. On completing your 12th boards, you can join a programme right away if you meet the set entry requirements. Typically, an IELTS score ranging from 5.5 to 6.0 is the basic English proficiency score necessary for admission.

Studying in Canada after 12th boards

Canada provides a range of advantages and preferences for global students. Cities such as Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto are well-known cities for pursuing higher education after 12th grade. There are several options for a student to study in Canada after 12th boards; they can select to study courses such as arts and humanities, life sciences and engineering.

The post-study work opportunities and multi-cultural atmosphere are key reasons why several foreign students move on to Canada for a degree. Besides this, the growing economy of the country is another reason for the simple immigration of students as it means a huge number of industries can invest in diverse businesses that again support the increasing student employment. Thus, there are several benefits of pursuing a course from the colleges of the USA and Canada after 12th boards.

An international degree from a renowned university

There are numerous reliable and globally recognised institutes and universities that you can select to study in foreign countries. You do not have to compromise with the quality of education and go out to attend a degree that is not significant for even part of the investment that you have made.

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