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Tips To Score A Perfect 8 In IELTS

Your IELTS preparations should start at least a month before the date of the test. A model test should be taken even before you start with your preparations. The results of this model test will help you with understanding about your scoring potential.

There are four sections in IELTS:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing

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Nobody can be an expert at all the four sections. Somebody is good at reading and somebody else is better at listening. You need to decide which section would need more attention from you. Once you decide on that, you need to dedicate more time for that section.

It is quite easy to score a 6 in IELTS without any help. However, with a little help it is easy to score 8!

Listening section:

Set aside 45 minutes to an hour on a daily basis for honing your listening skills. This doesn’t mean that you will watch a movie or listen to rock songs. You have to listen to something which is not in the form of an audio-visual. Listening to the radio is a good option. Listen to channels like BBC radio and take notes. When done, make a summary and read it out to someone else.

Reading section:

There are two hurdles which you have to cross for acing the reading section

  • You have to increase your comprehension skills
  • You have to increase your reading speed

Both of these hurdles can be easily crossed by reading articles on a daily basis. Read newspaper articles or online news articles (not Facebook please).

Writing section:

This is reportedly the most difficult section of IELTS. This requires you to write essays/letters.

Task 1 – You have to write a letter

Learn how to write the following types of letters:

  • Job application letters
  • Personal request letters
  • Business request letters
  • Complaint letters

Task 2 – Essays

You will be asked to write any of the following:

Discussion essay

Argument essay

In order to write an essay, you need to memorize the format of each of the paragraphs. This will take some time, but as you go on memorizing, it will be become easier.

Write draft essays at first and then re-write the same as a neat essay. Always proofread your essays after you write them.

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Speaking section:

The speaking section is a relatively easier in IELTS. People who are comfortable with speaking find it very easy to pass this section. If by any chance, you don’t speak much, then you need to start practicing regularly. Start with speaking to your friends and to your family. However, you will always not get them for practicing your speaking skills. The best idea is to hire a tutor with whom you can have stimulating conversations.

More tips for scoring band 8 in IELTS:

  • Take model test just before the day of the exam
  • Do not skip breakfast before going to give the exam (Hunger deprives the brain of oxygen and you won’t be able to concentrate)
  • Stay confident