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Study In Canada With The Help Of The Student Direct Stream

Student Direct Stream which is more popularly known as SDS is nothing but a program or a system that helps in reducing the time of application processing of the students who wish to take up full time studies in the colleges or universities of Canada.

Its Impact

The SDS system greatly benefits the Indian students who want to study in Canada. Here the overall process of admission is streamlined by the reduction of the time taken for the processing of application and all of the other formalities. Besides the Indian students, the SDS system also affects impacts the students of China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Benefits of SDS (Student Direct Stream)

The benefits that the students get under the SDS system are as listed below.

  • – The process of application of visa is totally smooth without any kinds of interruptions when applied under the SDS system.
  • – The total time taken for visa processing is quite less as compared to the programs – that do not fall under the SDS system.
  • – The financial documents which are required by the students is considerably minimized which makes it extremely easy and convenient for the users.
  • – The SDS system allows the students with more choices of colleges and universities in Canada.


The following are the requirements for applying under the SDS system.

  • – Admission to a full – time course or program in a post – secondary institution should be made which has to be funded publicly such as the colleges, universities, institutes or CEGEP.
  • – A score of six or more in each band in IELTS is mandatory. Also, the test should be taken within two years of time from the date of application.
  • – It is necessary to buy a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank worth 10000 Canadian Dollars which covers the living expenses during the first year of stay in the nation of Canada.
  • – The proof of payment of the tuition fees for the first year where the students have taken admission needs to be submitted.
  • – The students also need to go for an upfront medical test at least one week before the time submission of the application.

Why Choose Kanan International?

Kanan international is the ultimate destination for the students who wish to pursue higher studies in Canada. There are a lot of aspirants of studying in Canada who do not have a clear idea about the SDS program. Kanan international helps the students to have a detailed understanding of the SDS program and guide them in the right way so that they are benefited from the program. Apart from making the students understand about the rapid visa processing, Kanan international also helps the students to choose the best SDS colleges for an excellent future ahead.