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Study In Canada – Steps To Get Admission In A Leading University

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is one of the world leaders in higher education. It is, therefore, no surprise why the country is so popular among international students. Canada offers students the means and resources to experience a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for growth. The beautiful landscape of Canada with a backdrop of remarkable mountain ranges and mesmerizing ski slopes, laid-back welcoming locals, and a bustling city life, make studying in Canada a dream. If you too wish to study in Canada, we, at Kanan International – a leading education consultant in India, have highlighted the steps that you need to take to get admission in a leading university.

Plan well and meet all of the necessities

Sending out an application to join a university in Canada is not easy. You need to plan well in advance (at least one year in advance) and see that you meet all of their requirements for the specific course. Make a note of the various documents needed by the university. Please note that the specifications for a particular university in one province are entirely different from the other. Kanan International ensures you get this information at the outset so that you know exactly what you need to secure admission.

Remember, having a valid passport, proof of how you are going to fund your studies, and an English and/or French language proficiency qualification are a must.

Shortlist a course and university

Although you have to opt for a specific major during the university application process in Canada, if you do happen to change your mind, the universities are accommodating and flexible about the same. See that you apply to an institution that comes under the Designated Learning Institute (DLI). This is very important if you want to get a student visa and be selected in a university you have chosen. Keep in mind, for every program and university you apply to, there are separate fees.

Take a look the List of Colleges and Universities in Canada

Take the French/English test

Study in Canada requirements needs you to take an English or French test. For an English language proficiency test, IELTS is a smart choice since all of the universities in Canada accept it. You can also go in for the Cambridge English: Advanced or TOEFL examinations. If you are planning to settle in the French-speaking regions of Canada, you would need to take a French proficiency test. The most widely used test for the French language is the TEF exam while DALF, DELF or TCF are also accepted.

Apply for a student permit

Once you connect with the universities you want to study in, who then send you their application packs that explain the process of admission. Once you submit your application, all you have to do is wait. If you are accepted, you need to get your student permit. You can apply for a Canadian student visa either through a local visa application centre or you can even do it online. At Kanan International, we can help you get your application for the student visa for Canada. We have a lot of experience in this field and ensure the chances of application rejection are minimal.

While it depends upon the level of study you are applying for, mostly you need to provide:

– Your passport
– Proof that you possess the financial means to study and live in the country
– Proof that you have accepted an offer to study at an accredited academic institution
– Proof that you are willing to leave once you complete your studies
– You must prove that you are medically and criminally allowed to enter Canada
– You must be enthusiastic and zealous

Once your study permit is accepted, the fun part starts as you now have to plan for your journey. See that you double check your visa. This ensures you arrive in the country on the date you are expected to. Organize your accommodation and travel bookings and rest assured, you are good to go.

Get in touch with Kanan International to get the right advice and assistance for Canadian student visa and for admission to a Canadian university.