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10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English For the IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking in English language has become essential in the present days. If you are approaching for IELTS speaking test, you need to keep in mind that you will be tested on the proficiency of English. The IELTS speaking test has patterns and formats for the purpose of testing the candidates. The proficiency of English of a student will be assessed on the format he or she chooses and the fluency as well as the grip over the language while speaking. Joining IELTS classes in Vadodara would be of a great help in this regard. Apart from this, you should follow some of the vital tips which will help you improve your spoken English at the time of attempting the IELTS speaking test. Glance through the tips mentioned below.

1. Read More and Pronounce Clearly: You can pick your choice of English book and start reading every sentence loudly. Make sure to pronounce every sentence clearly.

2. Think English As Your Mother Tongue: If you want to speak English fluently, then you should make a habit of speaking in English with your family, friends and colleagues. For non-native English speakers, it is necessary to imagine English as your mother tongue and speak in English whenever possible.

3. Listen Intently: Inculcate the habit of watching debates, talk shows and news in English. Focus on the accent of the speaker and listen every sentence intently.

4. Follow the Study Materials: Your coaching class will provide you essential study materials related to English speaking. Follow the content of the study materials properly.

5. Have A Grip on Grammar: Grammar is the base of English language. It is imperative to strengthen the knowledge on grammar. Seek guidance on grammar from your coach, download some links on grammar from internet and practice grammar regularly.

6. Enhance Your Vocabulary Skills: When you read English contents, you should always mark new vocabulary you come across. Jot down the new vocabulary on your book and keep memorizing the vocabularies on daily basis.

7. Take Up Audio Books: In your spare time, you can take up the audio books and hear the way every word is pronounced. The more you listen to the audio books, the more you will be able to express every word articulately.

8. Practice Makes Man Perfect: Practice English grammar, pronunciation, accent and vocabulary as much as possible. Revise the style of speaking every day.

9. Talk Slowly: When you practice spoken English, you should make sure to talk slowly, so that you can listen to every word you speak.

10. Develop the Passion of Learning English: Aim to be a proficient in English. Be passionate about the language. Your passion will drive you to be perfect in English.