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Procedure Explained to Study in USA

Going to study in foreign countries needs a lot of paperwork as well as time. Other things required are meticulous research and patience. The latter is needed because a student might need to apply to many universities for getting selected in one. Following is a step by step guide on how to Study in USA.

1. Researching about the options

Post secondary education in the USA is of six types: bachelor, master, research doctorate, advanced intermediate, associate and first-professional.

In order to know more, a student needs to find an “educational advice center”. Generally these centers assist students with finding courses, applying to universities and also with visa procedures.

The student can also compare colleges by their location and courses offered. The following link might be helpful for doing the same:

College Navigator

The student also needs to make sure that the college or university he or she is applying to is a SEVP certified one. The SEVP refers to Student exchange and visitor program.

2. The next step is to think about how to finance study in USA.

The American government doesn’t offer any type of loan or grants to international students. Any student going to the US has to be either self sufficient or apply to their own (local) college or university for funding.

A student can also do the following:

He or she may contact the international students’ office of their college or university. Many of them are known to assist students financially.

Grants and scholarships in the US are mostly provided by private non-profit organizations and foundations. A student can search for the same at the following link:

U.S. government’s free online scholarship search tool

Exchange programs like the Fulbright program offer financial assistance for Study in USA to international students.

Fulbright Program

Other exchange programs

3. Completing the application:

All universities and colleges in the US have their own requirements when it comes to admission. This includes tests as well. A student needs to follow all the requirements for being eligible.

Like most countries, the US doesn’t have a single body or authority for verifying foreign academic credentials. All institutions and state licensing boards do it by themselves.

Foreign Diploma and Credit Recognition

Students wanting to study in USA are required to partake in tests conducted by third parties while applying to US institutions. Following is a link with more details about the same:

Standardized Tests

TOEFL – Most US institutions rely on the TOEFL to test an international student’s proficiency over the English language.

4. Finally, the VISA

After all the application procedure is over and the student is finally accepted, the visa procedures come in. A student must be accepted by an SEVP certified US institution before he or she can apply for one.

More info about US student visas can be found at the following link:

Student Visas

5. Time for departure for study in USA 

It helps to know how the country’s systems work even before the student gets there. For example, it helps to know whether a student can work while studying there or whether he or she needs to pay taxes. Following are few useful links for learning more:

How to Navigate the U.S. Immigration System – provides information about arriving, staying and departing from the US.

Working While You Study in the U.S. –  Information for students wanting to work and study in USA.