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Pre-departure Services Provided By Kanan International To Their Students

So you’ve successfully cleared all the extensive admission procedures, interviews, visa processes, etc., and are all set to go for your higher studies to Canada or the U.S. It is natural to feel a mix of emotions at this stage. You’re leaving behind the comfort of your home, city, and all the familiar faces of your family and friends. At the same time, you can’t wait to start your new adventure in the land of unlimited opportunities. There is the charm of a new city, new country, new course and educational institution, all the new places you will see and the new people you will meet!

Along with all these emotions, it is but natural to feel a tinge of nervousness or apprehension about your life in a new country. You wonder if you have everything you need, what you’re supposed to do when you first set foot in the new country, what to do on your first day of college, who to meet, where to go, where to stay, etc. etc. All of these can seem overwhelming at first. But there is no need to get stress because Kanan International is here! Our commitment to our students extends far beyond just arranging for visas or coaching for examinations. We hold your hand right through to the departure gate (metaphorically, of course!) which is why we have an exhaustive list of pre-departure services for all our students.

Our pre-departure services offer you all the information you will need to get settled as quickly as possible in Canada. All our information is from up-to-date sources so you can rest assured that you have all the info you need and that it is the latest, so you have nothing to worry about.

Here are a few of the important things we offer as pre-departure services and advice, just for the benefit of our many students:

  • Many students think that they can go to Canada only a few days before their program starts. But actually, they can travel to Canada for a maximum of 30 days before the start of their program. This will give you enough time to settled down, explore the area, make friends, make peace with your homesickness, etc., so by the time your program starts, you are all ready to start with a peaceful mind!
  • It is important to have one set of your visa documents at all times with you.
  • You don’t have to worry about airport pickup or accommodation as most colleges offer this, so get in touch with them and keep a confirmation copy, address copy, and all contact details with you when you travel.
  • Make sure you carry the following items in your hand luggage-passport, visa approval letter, IESLT score sheet, offer letter of the college, important academic documents, receipt of payment for GIC and tuition fees, address and contact number of place of residence or receiver, signed GIC certificate and customer welcome package from college, Forex between 3000 and 5000 CAD as travellers cheque, demand draft, as well as at least 500 CAD in cash and change of at least 20 CAD for airport trolley, etc.