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Planning to Study in Canada

Studying abroad is a topic that is always under the scanner when it comes to deciding on your options for completing your higher studies. There are many people who believe that studying abroad is only an extra expenditure that is completely uncalled for as Indian universities are just as good. There are others who would like to make a career abroad and for them, studying abroad can make things a lot easier in their professional lives ahead. If you belong to the latter group, considering study in Canada can be a very practical option as the place has some very good universities and can offer your career a very strong platform.

What you should know about study in Canada

If you have made up your mind to do your higher studies abroad, it is important that you understand the various nitty-gritties involved in the process. Of course, studying abroad can offer you a great global exposure but what you need to understand here is that it does require you to strategically plan out your finances. When you plan to study in Canada, you should have a good idea of how much your total expenses would come up to so that you can plan well in advance and not go into a life of debt.

If you intend going abroad for higher studies, take into consideration the finances involved. It is essential that you research enough to find a university that may offer you financial advantages in the form of scholarships, grants or rebates.

Procedure to get your student visa in Canada

Studying in Canada involves a process that needs to be strictly followed. This applies to all countries as different countries have their own set of procedures.

The procedure to study in Canada begins with your application for a Canadian study permit. This will also serve as your Canadian student visa for the duration of your study course. However, if you choose to join in a study program that does not last more than six months, you will not need the Canadian student visa.

The application process for the study permit can be completed either online or can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. As paper applications take longer to be processed, online application is always recommended.

To proceed with your application, you will need a standard letter of acceptance from a recognized university in Canada that offers higher education. You will then need to contact the Canadian embassy to check your eligibility.

Once found eligible, you will receive a personal checklist which will specify all documents needed to further your application. You will also need to provide enough evidence in the form of bank statements and other required documents that indicate you can fund yourself for the course of study. Once you submit the necessary documents and pay the processing fee, you can expect to receive your study permit soon.

Talking about studying abroad and more specifically in Canada, there is a world of opportunities waiting for you. However, with only proper planning you will be able to optimize your opportunities and ensure that your decision to study abroad serves the best to your career ahead. At Kanan International, we provide comprehensive guidance as well as required training for students aspiring to study in Canada. Visit your nearest Kanan International center for more information on our students’ guidance programs.