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Myth vs Reality: Visa application process for students planning to study abroad

With increased globalization, digitization of education and pathbreaking changes in technology, the world is truly a global classroom. However, despite all these advancements, the benefits of studying in a country with abundant education and employment opportunities cannot be understated. If you choose a student-friendly country, you are automatically putting yourself in an environment that is conducive to your growth as opposed to a country where you face limited opportunities for advancement. Hence, in this day and age, it is imperative that students who wish to study abroad go through all the avenues that are open to them.


While applying for a degree abroad is an organized process and is defined clearly for each university and college, the visa process is one that is much-feared by most Indians. Due to factors like ambiguity, spread of incorrect information about the entire application process and, a lot of people choose to not go abroad or refrain from applying to a particular country just because they fear the visa application process.


At Kanan International, we make it a point to ensure that students and their parents avail maximum assistance as far as the visa application process is concerned, so as to make it a seamless procedure. We make the students and their families understand that applying for a visa to study abroad is in fact, an extremely transparent process.


Here are some myths about visa application debunked:


1.  Student visas DO NOT take a long time to process: Contrary to popular belief, student visas take very little time to process and can be obtained very easily. For students applying to Canada, once you submit your biometrics, you can expect your student visa to apply well within 3 weeks!

2.  Student visas are NOT very expensive: Student visa applications are not too expensive and if you compare it to the numerous perks you get when you study abroad, it is a solid investment.

3. You MUST NOT fall for hacks while applying for the student visa: If any random person or company tries to lure you by promising you shortcuts, do not go for it. At Kanan International, we make it a point to abide by the rules set up each country and ensure a smooth visa application process.

4. The university or college you get into DOES NOT solely determine whether you get a visa or not Several factors come into play when you submit your visa application. The institution where you wish to study in not the deciding factor when it comes to your visa3

5. You DO NOT have to have lived in the country of your choice earlier in order to be eligible for a visa: nor do you have to be well-travelled in order to obtain a visa. The credibility of your application is what determines the approval of your


It is quite easy to get dissuaded by such myths when it comes to applying for a visa. However, at Kanan International, we make it a point to dismantle all the ambiguity