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Millennial Multitaskers: Working While Studying Abroad

While multi-tasking is a phrase that was shunned by baby boomers, millennials seem to appreciate it, engage in it and excel in it. More and more millennials now choose to become financially independent at a much younger age than the preceding generations and so this cohort is one that welcomes the idea of multi-tasking- working while studying.


While the concept still hasn’t made its way into the Indian economic system, several countries around the globe offer exciting work opportunities to students who want to gain economic independence while studying itself. Hence, it is of utmost importance to look into the work opportunities offered by different countries.


Different countries have different norms regarding students working while studying. For instance, students studying full-time in Canada can work for up to 20 hours a week without worrying about getting a work permit. This makes it much easier and convenient for students to start working as soon as they start studying. Students pursuing part-time courses can work for even more hours and earn significantly well. At Kanan International, our experts take the students through an in-depth study of the work opportunities in each country and help them select the best opportunity which aligns well with the course they aim to pursue.


Apart from the financial support that is provided by working, there are several intangible benefits that working while studying gives students. While some students obtain jobs on campus, some can choose to work off-campus too. This helps build your connections and gives you great networking skills from the beginning. The network you build through your workplace is quite likely to give you an edge when you start working full-time. Moreover, for students who are on the fence about whether they want to work in the same country after they finish studying, working while studying is a great time to find out if you like the work atmosphere in that particular country.


For students who are going abroad for their undergraduate studies, working part-time serves as the perfect time to see what they actually want to major ir and what field they want to specialize in. The work culture for students is extremely holistic and welcoming, which imbibes the principles of self-reliance and dignity of labour in students at a very impressionable age. The lessons they learn from working are at times impossible to learn only from academia.


If you’re a student who is looking to study abroad and want to know how to balance work and academics, fret not. Walk in to Kanan International and let our distinguished experts help you carve out a career path for you that is tailored to your needs.