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How to Improve Your IELTS Score

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to calibrate English communication skills. This test is conducted world over and is recognized globally. The test measures four basic semantic skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It is the first step in Student Visa application process when applying for VISA to study in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

IELTS being the first step in achieving your dream of international education, it is important you work hard to attain the required score to pass the test. Whether it is the first time you are appearing for the test or you want to improvise your IELTS score to get admission in your desirable college overseas, the following tips shall help you score better:

  1. Engage is one English activity everyday – read a book, watch a movie, listen to English radio channel, have a conversation with your English speaking friend. Make it a habit and follow it religiously.
  2. Join an English speaking club where you can practice your speaking skills – a book club, literature club or any hobby club. The idea is to converse in English, and only English.
  3. Pick one activity at a time – reading, listening, writing or speaking, and concentrate on it repeatedly.
  4. Go over your mistakes and try to learn from them. Find what went wrong and try to avoid them in future. Practice is the key here.

Besides continuing efforts and practice from your end, it is important to understand the IELTS test format in order to ace it in stipulated time frame.

  • Read the IELTS material available online or through self-study books
  • Take practice IELTS tests in given time limit
  • Understand the different type of questions there might be under each segment – reading, writing, listening and speaking

You also need a proper IELTS coaching to guide you in the right direction and fulfill the objective. Kanan International, with its team of qualified professionals and custom made programs, helps its students in par excellence IELTS preparations.

  • Our qualified team of professionals, through intricate research, helps us in publishing our own IELTS course material.
  • Our study material is extensive and thorough, with our coaches explaining the IELTS pattern and study material in depth.
  • We offer SPP-IELTS training to our students, who intend to apply for study visa under SPP (Student Partners Program).
  • Kanan International has a team of dedicated professional counselors and industry recognized instructors and facilitators.
  • We have the maximal success ratio in Student Visas for Canada.
  • Our students have best success rate in IELTS score, all over the country.
  • Our IELTS study material is approved and affiliated.

Your efforts, dedication and a little help from Kanan International can ascertain you ace in IELTS tests and secure your future in your desired international institution.