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How will Covid 19 impact studying abroad? – Kanan International

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With the uncertainty caused on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, students who are planning to study abroad in the USA or Canada, would be concerned about their safety and their chances of getting into the University of their choice. We would like to assure the students that the extremely bright future awaits them after this COVID-19 pandemic is controlled and eradicated in due time. For a detailed analysis of the scenario of studying abroad, visit our blog for more :

Title-How will Covid 19 impact studying abroad ? – Kanan International

The recent outbreak of the deadly Covid 19, that first showed up in Wuhan district of China, has thrown the entire world off its balance. The contagious Coronavirus did not take long to spread across the globe. Social distancing and isolation have now become the key to self-defense to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. A lot of countries have sealed their borders and went into a lockdown mode.

One of the major concerns for parents is for their children who are studying abroad. Most of the students from India are studying in the US and Canada. While a small percentage of students came back to the safety of their homes in India, in time, before the international flights were stalled, a wide majority of Indian students were also left stranded abroad. Parents were apprehensive about calling their kids back since the travel time was long and the risk of getting infected on flights was high.

The students abroad are now in isolation like most of us, and safe due to the support of their friends, tenants and local Indian communities which have come out to help their young Indian counterparts who needed basic amenities. A lot of Punjabi, Gujarati and South-Indian communities have opened their homes and motels for students who needed shelter and food.

These students are covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan which gives them the best healthcare facilities in the country that they are in. That’s a huge relief for their parents and an assurance that their wards are in safe hands.

Universities and Colleges have called off their classes, but the classes are now being held online. So, the students are still attending classes from the security of their residences. The major loss for these students during this time is their inability to hold on to their part-time jobs which help them to take care of some of their daily expenses. Also, their inability to commute to get their groceries or afford takeaways in these troubled times, have left the students with very few options for managing their daily meals.

The after effects of this pandemic might impact the visa applications of students who have applied for the September 2020 intake (for more information get in touch with our team on the following numbers – Krunal Patel – +91 8980833939 , Lokesh Gupta – +91 8980833434, Yash Shah – +91 8980825251). But, this time of self-isolation is the best time for these students to prepare for IELTS and appear for the test in the first or second week of June 2020. If they’re unable to make it for the September 2020 session, they should be able to join their courses in January 2021. Enroll for our E-counselling sessions – register by visiting : We are also offering live online IELTS classes. Do ask our counsellors for more details.

A large majority of students who apply to these Universities are from China. In view of the recent developments, Chinese students might not get accepted to these Universities, which leaves Indian students with more chances of getting admission into Universities of their choice.

Saying “every cloud has a silver lining”.

All in all, this too will pass. We should see a ray of hope in the coming months. Studying abroad will still be very much possible, albeit, with a few precautions.

For more information get in touch with our team – Krunal Patel – +91 8980833939 , Lokesh Gupta – +91 8980833434, Yash Shah – +91 8980825251

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