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Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Student Direct Stream

Some FAQs relating to Student Direct Stream are:

Will students who have already applied for visa provisions under SPP program be considered under SDS or SPP?

If application has been submitted through SPP then the SDS program won’t affect it. IRCC continues to process application.

Does SDS guarantee assurance of student visa for application under it?

The Visa is not assured. SDS has provision of up-to-date student visa application process and quicker processing times but the basic requirements of student visa must be fulfilled.

DLI definition with compiled lists of DLIs.

DLI is institute that has approval of state/provincial/territorial government to give training to and hosting international students. Presence of college should be checked on list ( when applying for student visa under SDS

Is post-graduation work permit available from any listed DLI?

Not every DLI gives eligibility for Post-grad work permit. DLI list’s end column has ‘’offers PGWP-eligible program’’, institute with YES under that have the ability but all other required criteria must be met.

Does DS cover all colleges or only the ones under SPP? On acceptance by one Canadian college does it mean I qualify for SDS?

More universities and colleges would be eligible under SDS. Verification of institution should be done with check of website at

Though I am unsure about eligibility for SDS program can I still apply?

Yes it is possible but if department finds you ineligible under SDS then they shall process application under regular requirements.

Does appearance for TOEFL/PTE exam make me eligible for SDS?

  • TOEFL/PTE are not accepted as eligibility criteria.
  • Time period of processing under SDS.
  • For student visa under SDS-45 days or less.
  • Regular application-60 days.

Interested in Canadian Student visa, is it possible to pay Fees to University semester wise?

Under SDS upfront payment of 1yr fees is required. However this can be done through regular application.

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