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Canada Student Visa FAQs

Birth certificate is mandatory or not in online visa file?

It is mandatory in Quebec visa file. Sometimes it is also required for 12th grade student in General and SDS Category.

How to submit Quebec student visa file online?

In Quebec online visa process, there is no academic section to upload documents, so we need to upload in client information section. Also keep CAQ scan copy ready.

Passport size photo is required to submit?

Yes in JPEG format scan.

Where and when do I need to submit the passport?

Student will get a passport submission request letter on his/her online account and after that student needs to submit passport with that letter to the nearest VFS center.

What is the processing time for SDS file and Non-SDS file?

It’s approximately 3 weeks for SDS and 6 to 7 weeks for Non-SDS still it depends on the Canadian High Commission.

Can I submit the Non-SDS visa file Offline?


Can I submit the Non-SDS visa file online?


What is the application fees and biometric fees?

Application fees – $150 CAD and Bio-Metric – $85 CAD, Total $235 CAD need to be paid online once all documents are submitted.

Link for Scheduling an appointment for Biometric at VFS center?

After completing the biometric where should I send it?

You don’t have to send the biometric anywhere it will automatically update with the Canadian high commission.

Can I do Biometric first and then upload the online application?

No, First you need to submit the online visa file and then Canadian High commission will send the biometric instruction letter after that student is required to take Appointment at VFS center for the biometric.

Where can I upload “SOP” or “Justification”?

You can upload these to Clint information or with Academic.

“Schedule 1” form is required?

Not for all applications but if student has rejected for any other visa or country then this form is mandatory.

Signature is required for visa form?

No. Because we have to upload original filled form.

Study permit questionnaire is required?

Yes, With the Academic documents you can upload, also upload the SOP with Document or in Client Information section – we can upload additional documents.

Which documents format used for online visa file?

PDF format, clear original scan copy (Notary not require) and the PDF size should be not more than 4 MB.

Financial Documents are required for SDS?

No, But it is strongly recommended to take from Student for your reference because we have to mention in main visa form.


Can I transfer the GIC amount before getting the LOA?

No, it is not advisable to transfer the funds without getting LOA from the college.

Can I open the GIC before getting the Offer letter?

We can open an account without LOA in ICICI bank and Scotiabank.

Is GIC refundable if student’s visa is refused or student is not able to go to Canada for any other reason?

Yes it is refundable. The GIC bank will charge $200 CAD only.

From which bank account students can transfer the GIC?

A. The GIC amount should be paid from student’s bank account only. The bank account name and address and GIC account name and address should be the same as per the passport, if not the student needs to correct it.

Can I open multiple GIC accounts?

Yes, students can open multiple accounts but can pay the $10,280 CAD in one bank account only.

How will I get the money back?

After reaching Canada, student will initially get $2,000 CAD and after 2 months, every month $650 CAD.

How much time it takes to get the GIC certificate?

To get GIC certificate, it takes approximately 8 to 10 days.

How much amount do I need to pay for GIC?

Students need to pay $10,280 CAD for the GIC. it will cover 200 CAD Admin charge and 80 CAD extra for the other transaction charge. The remaining $10,000 CAD will be added to the student account.

How can I open the GIC account?

Which is the preferred bank to open the GIC?

It’s Scotiabank because it is a Canadian government bank and having multiple branches in almost all the cities in Canada.

Which banks are accepted by the high commission for the GIC?

(1) Scotiabank

(2) ICICI Bank Canada

(3) CIBC Bank.

(4) SBI Canada

What is GIC ?

GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is used to cover initially 1 year cost of living for the students who are going to Canada on a study visa.

Scotiabank FAQs

Can I get my refund on 3rd party account?

No, Student will only get refund in student account or from the account it has been transferred.

How can I apply for the refund?

How do I update my contact information (Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, S File Number, Telephone Number or Home Address)?

To request an update to your personal information, email Scotiabank with a copy of your passport pages (photograph page) as well as any applicable supporting documents (specific to your request). Your email to Scotiabank must be REPLY only to the last message received from the Scotiabank Secure Email Service mailbox. The subject line of your email must state: Scotiabank Student GIC Program – Your Full Name (Given/First and Surname/ Last) – Update lt; Change required e.g. home address. Your request will be processed within five (5) business days from the date we receive it.

Can I use the same account detail for the Defer intake?

Yes student can use this account upto 1 year, the student needs to confirm with the bank before transferring the money.

I have forgotten my secure email password, what do I do?

If a student forgot the password, the student can reset it via secure email system or by calling the customer care.

How do I communicate with Scotiabank?

The best way to communicate with the Scotiabank is by calling the customer care.

Can the Scotia Investment Account be deposited by anyone other than the customer?

No. Funds must be deposited by the students from their bank account in their home country (or, a joint account with the parents in your home country).

More than 24 hours have passed and I have not received a response to my original Application submission, how do I follow up with regards to my Application?

First, please check your junk/spam folder to ensure that the email did not get flagged as junk/spam mail. The email from Scotiabank will be from

If you still have not received an email with your Scotia Investment Account Number, please contact Scotiabank Student GIC Program Customer Service department for assistance by calling at: 416-288-4119.

Can I open a Joint Scotia Investment Account?

No. Under the Scotiabank Student GIC Program, the GIC can be opened only in the name of the applicant who is applying for the Study Permit under the Study Direct Stream.

My school is not listed as one of the participating schools in partnership with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). Can I still apply for a GIC?

Yes, If your school is not listed as an option on the Scotiabank Student GIC Program Application, please select ‘Other.’

I have applied for GIC Account but received a response “Duplicate Application”?

That means you have already applied earlier for the GIC Account with different Email ID so for this you have to call the customer care to reset your account.

I am not able to write my full address as per passport in GIC application?

You can mention short address in GIC Application, you can remove “Preposition“ from Address.

I am not able to write my middle name in First name?

You can write your middle name in the Surname Field.

In my passport I don’t have Last name what to do?

You can mention your first name in both Surname and First name field.

Which date do I have to mention in “Expected date of Arrival”?

You can mention Start date of Intake (For e.g. If intake is September you can mention Start date as – 1st Sep).

From which website can I open the GIC Account?


How much time it takes for the refund?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to process the refund.

Where can I submit the refund application?

How can student update personal or contact information (telephone number / home address / passport number)?

To update your personal or contact information, notify Bank through Secure Mailbox with the supporting documentation (if applicable). You can do so by replying to the last message received from them.

Can student use the same Student Account if student defers enrolment or changes the educational institution?

Yes, you can still use the same Student Account if you have not requested for a refund.

What if I forgot my password?

You can reset it by visiting online secure system.

How can I contact the ICICI bank ?

Can a third party deposit money into my ICICI Bank Canada Student Account?

No. Student is the only person who can deposit funds into Student Account ICICI, from the bank account of home country. The bank account should be exclusively in your name.

Can I transfer funds to my Student Account through services other than a bank, such as a money exchange house (money transfer services)/third party services?

No. Funds must be wired from a bank where you hold an account exclusively in your name, or a joint account with your parent(s); otherwise, the money will be returned.

Can I get the GIC amount refund?

Yes student can apply for the refund in case of visa refusal, admission denied or if student is not able to go to Canada.

How much do I need to wire to ICICI Bank Canada?

You must wire a total of $10,200 CAD. This amount includes $10,000 CAD for your GIC investment, and $150 CAD for the program fee and extra $50 CAD for the transaction charge.

Can I open a Student Account with a joint name?

No, the Student Account can only be opened in the name of the student who is applying for a study permit.

If the college/university I plan to apply for is not listed under the Student Direct Stream, can I still apply?

Yes, Students can apply by selecting other options.

What documents are required to apply ?

To apply for GIC account passport copy is mandatory and offer letter is optional.

How much time it takes to open the GIC in ICICI bank?

You will get the Account details immediately once you submit the GIC online application, By using this details student can pay the GIC amount.

Step By step process to open the GIC?

– First you have to create log in detail by registering online.
– Student will receive an email with a verification link, verify it.
– Then Visit the login page and log in with the credential you have created.
– Click on “Apply now “

Eligibility Criteria FAQs

Which is a better study option in Canada, University or College?

Both the options are equally good. However, if you are looking to pursue academic programs that are cost effective, more practical in nature and would let you pursue part time job during your studies, Colleges would certainly be a better option.

I am a student of 12th Commerce, and did not have Maths as a subject in Grade 12. Will I be eligible for Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in Canadian Colleges?

Yes you will be. Not all the Colleges in Canada mandatorily require you to have Maths in Grade 12. In fact, in lieu of 12th Maths, some Colleges will also offer admission if you had 60% or more in 10th Maths.

I have completed my Master’s degree in India. Am I too qualified to apply for a Canada student visa?

No, you are not overqualified. You do become eligible to apply for Post Graduate Diploma and Masters programs in Canada. You should however, avoid applying for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs.

Upon reaching Canada, do I also need to clear certain Certificates/Licensed exams?

It is not mandatory for the students of all fields of study to clear the Certificates/Licensed exams, however it is advisable that if you wish to register yourself as a certified professional in your respective field in Canada, you clear these Certificates/Licensed Exams. It is strongly advisable for Healthcare/Medical professionals to clear licensed exams so that they register themselves as regulated professionals and begin their practice.

My Canada student visa application has been refused. What should I do now?

If your Canada student visa has been refused by the High Commission, you have several options. You may immediately reapply for the visa with a proper Justification Letter or you may seek the Refund of your Tuition Fee and withdraw your admission from the applied College/University. You also have the option of deferring your application in the next available intake if the deadline in the applied College for the same intake has passed by.

What if I fail to update the College with my visa copy?

It is important that once you receive the visa copy, you update the College regarding the same. If some of the Colleges do not receive the updated visa copy before the prescribed deadline, they may also cancel your application. In case, the visa is yet to be received, it is again important to update the College regarding the current visa application status.

I am applying for a program that is either related to Healthcare/Medicine or has a mandatory Co-op. Is there any additional documentation that I am required to go through before flying to Canada?

As a student who is going to study the programs related to Healthcare/Medicine or a student who has got a mandatory Co-op, you are required to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the Police Headquarters of your respective city or a district. Also, if your program has a mandatory Co-op, you are required to apply for a Work Permit (equivalent to Co-op’s duration) along with your study visa application.

I have attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in India. I cannot opt for any program related to Management in Canada. Is this true?

Certainly not. It is true that Canadian Colleges and visa norms require the students to apply for the programs that are relevant to their previous studies in their home countries, however it is not a compulsion in all the cases. Some Colleges and Universities, in fact, allow only non-Commerce graduates to pursue their Management programs. Also, if you have a couple of years of relevant experience related to Management, you may very well pursue these programs in Canada.

I have decided not to study in Quebec as I have got to know that French is the first language of Quebec. Is this a prudent decision?

French indeed is the first language of Quebec, but the medium of instruction in the Colleges represented by us is English. Also, these Colleges are funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education, whereby the Colleges teach French language in addition to the core program for Free. Studying in Quebec can be one of the best decisions (academically and financially) that you could make.

My IELTS score expires in August 2020 and I have applied for September 2020 intake. Will this cause any issue in my application?

Your IELTS score should be valid till the time you begin your class in any intake in Canada. Also, the score should be valid till 6 months after the submission of your Canada study visa.

I am a student of Grade 12, with specialization in Biology. I have heard that I am also mandatorily required to have Maths in Grade 12, or else I do not become eligible to apply in Canada. Is it true?

It is not true. Even if you do not have Maths as one of your subjects in Grade 12, there are many Colleges and Universities that will accept you for the programs specializing in Biology. Some Colleges and Universities might also admit you on the bases of additional Maths test in the first Semester.

I wish to invite my spouse to Canada on dependent visa. As a student, when can I apply for the dependent visa for my spouse?

You can apply for the dependent visa for your spouse after you have successfully completed the first semester of your studies in Canada.

My visa was refused under SDS category. How long should I wait before reapplying? Will I be able to reapply for the second time under SDS category?

You may reapply immediately after the visa refusal. There is no prescribed duration for which a student is required to wait before reapplying for the visa. Also, you will be able to reapply for the second time under SDS category itself.

What does it usually cost to pursue any Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Post Graduate Diploma category of program in a Canadian institution?

It typically costs anywhere in the range of $15,000 CAD to $17,000 CAD per annum to pursue a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Post Graduate category of program from a Canadian College. However, depending on the province or a program, this tuition fee may also vary.

I have got to know that Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma programs are not of much value in Canada. Is it true?

Not at all. In fact, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma programs are skill-oriented programs that make the candidates job ready and make them prepared for the contemporary jobs.

I am looking to study in a province where the process of Permanent Residence does not take too long. Which provinces can I opt for?

You may opt to study in the provinces such as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador.

I am flying to Canada and have a transit via an airport in USA. Will I be required to hold a Transit Visa?

Yes, if you are flying to Canada via any airport in USA, you will be required to hold a transit visa.

I am an Indian student currently studying outside India and wish to apply for Canada study visa from that country itself. Will I be able to apply under SDS category?

If you are applying for Canada student visa outside India (except from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Senegal, Morocco or Pakistan), you will have to file your visa under Non-SDS category.

I have fulfilled all the requirements of the SDS visa category. Is there a 100% assurance that I will receive the Canada student visa?

If you have fulfilled all the requirements of SDS visa category, you have excellent chances of getting your Canada student visa approved. However, there can be no assurance to the extent of 100% that your Canada study visa application will get approved.

I have completed my Grade 12 from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Will the score of this board of education be accepted by Canadian institutions?

Yes. There are more than a dozen Colleges and Universities in Canada that will accept the scores awarded by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board. Also, this does not become a matter of serious concern while applying for a student visa.

I have secured 45% in my previous studies. Do I become eligible to apply for a Canada student visa?

Yes, you do become eligible to apply for some Colleges and Universities in Canada. You may not have a wide range of choices available for application, but there are still a few institutions that will accept you with this academic score.

What is the maximum number of backlogs accepted SDS visa category?

Again, SDS category does not prescribe any minimum or maximum number of backlogs. It is a particular College or University that decides the maximum number of backlogs that it will accept.

It has been more than 5 years now since I completed my Graduation. Can I apply for Canada student visa?

Yes, you do become eligible to apply for a Canada student visa. There are a sizeable number of Canadian Colleges and Universities that will accept a gap of more than 5 years with a valid work experience. Also, under SDS visa category, there is no prescribed duration of academic gap.

If I have a score of 5.5 bands in one or more modules in IELTS, I do not become eligible to apply for a Canadian institution.

You become eligible to apply in multiple Colleges and even some of the Universities in Canada. Also, you may apply for the Canada student visa under Non-SDS/General category.

Apart from IELTS, which other English Proficiency tests are accepted under the SDS visa category?

IELTS is the only English Proficiency test accepted under SDS visa category. IELTS is also accepted by all the Canadian Colleges and Universities for admission.

By what time should I apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) upon the completion of my studies?

You can apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) within 180 days of completion of your studies in Canada. Also, it is not mandatory for you to have a Job Offer to apply for the PGWP.

If I have completed my studies in Toronto, I am required to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) in Ontario province only.

It is not mandatory for you to do so. In fact, the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) obtained by you makes you eligible to work across all the territories and provinces of Canada.

Canada is going to run its student visa policy only till 2023 and I shall not qualify to apply for a Canada student visa after 2023?

There is no such news or official confirmation from Government of Canada or Immigration Canada. In fact, Canadian Government plans to welcome 1.3 million immigrants by 2022.

Applying to a Canadian College or a University under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is tougher in comparison to the previous visa category of Student Partner’s Program (SPP).

There is no comparison between the two visa categories. If you have a score of 6.0 bands in each section in IELTS, have paid the first year’s tuition fee and GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate), you become eligible to apply under Student Direct Stream (SDS). In fact, SDS category provides you with the choice of applying to more number of Colleges and Universities.

If I am applying under Non-SDS category, I may not be required to pay the GIC.

No. Paying GIC is mandatory under SDS as well as Non-SDS categories.