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Everything You Need To Know About SAT

SAT is a mandatory requirement for seeking admission into most undergraduate colleges in the US. It tests you mainly on three sets of skills: writing, language competency and mathematics. If you aspire to go the States for your Bachelor’s, you should get acquainted with SAT and start preparing for it as early as possible. You could also take advantage of professional SAT coaching classes to get expert guidance and strategic SAT tips that will help you crack the exam with flying colours. The longer and the more consistent your preparation is, the higher will be your chances of getting a brilliant score.

Sections of SAT

The test comprises three sections and an additional section of ‘Essay’, which is optional.

1. Math

The math section is 80 minutes long in duration and contains 57 questions – for 37 of these, you can use a calculator; for the remaining 20, calculators are not allowed. The syllabus for math broadly consists of problem solving, data analysis, basic algebra and some advanced math concepts.

2. Reading

This is a 65-minute long section comprising a total of 52 questions. Expect to get passages on literature, history, science and the other social sciences in the ‘Reading’ section of SAT. Most of these passages will be in the 500-750 word range.

3. Writing and Language

The third section is 35 minutes long. It will typically have 44 questions that test your understanding and expression of the English language.

4. Essay

The essay is optional and is not scored. However, for certain courses that need you to be acutely analytical of arguments, a well-written essay will carry a good amount of weightage. The time limit for writing the essay is 50 minutes.

SAT Scores

Individual sections on SAT are scored in the range of 200-800. The maximum overall SAT score you can get is 1600. The average person taking the test tends to get a mean score of 1000. And anything over 1200 is considered a good SAT score that multiplies your chances of getting admission into a college of choice. You will get your final score about four or five weeks after you take the test. It is your choice to keep the score, and your choice to send it to whichever colleges you want to apply to.

SAT Schedule

You can take the SAT just four times a year and the dates are fixed for the same. Every year they release a test schedule with the four dates when SAT would be conducted. Choose the date when you think you will be sufficiently well-prepared. We recommend taking the first attempt of SAT well in advance so you can start applying to colleges as soon as they open for applications.

Preparing for SAT

You can surely prepare for the test on your own with a few books and online aid. But if you have the slightest doubt about being able to devote time regularly to the purpose, enrolling into a SAT coaching class will do you a great favour. Reputed coaching classes tend to have highly experienced faculty who can give you excellent insights into building speed and accuracy on the test.

At Kanan International, we conduct SAT coaching and are always available to give you SAT tips and help process your admission application from the ground up. Reach out to us for the most well-informed, professional and unbiased advice on US college admissions.