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Advice for Students Planning to Study in Canada

Moving to a new country for studying can be quite an unnerving experience. That being said, it can also be a fun experience. Following are a few things to remember while going to study in Canada.

Before going to Study in Canada

As many students would know already, going to Canada is not as simple as 1,2,3. Each and every student is competing with a Canadian student when it comes to getting through to a university. Following are a few things needed for applying to Canadian universities:

  • University application form
  • Letter of intent
  • IELTS document
  • Academic records
  • Reference from professors or teachers
  • Registration fee

If everything goes okay with the application process, then a student receives a LOA or letter of acceptance from the university. This LOA then empowers the student for getting a student visa.

In Canada

Other than the culture shock which every international student goes through, the education system in Canada can also be a bit shocking. This doesn’t mean that it is bad. It is actually quite the opposite!

A culture of debate and learning

The Canadian education system is unique because it involves the students almost as much as it involves the teachers. It is not about simply sitting there and listening to the teacher. Rather, the students are all expected to partake in an active debating environment inside the classroom. Teachers and professors in Canada are often required to play the role of moderators while discussing with students.

More about Study in Canada

Other than being a very peaceful nation, Canada is also one of the best countries for finding work after graduation for international students. Following are a few positives of studying in Canada.

  • The student gets to experience a multicultural environment, which enhances his or her view of the world.
  • The student gains from a global education system
  • The student gets to earn a diploma which is recognized all over the world
  • By choosing to live and study in Canada independently, the student becomes self-reliant.

There are negatives too, but most students find a way to overcome them. For example, there might be language barriers or plain simple culture shock which many students find difficult to cope with. There might be many moments of despair because the student is in a foreign country and away from home and family. But these things do get better with time.

How to make the most of Study in Canada experience:

  • Students need to be as fluent in English as possible. This is very important for studying what is being taught and also for interacting with other students and teachers.
  • Students need to be aware of all the procedures which are applicable to international students. For example they should know how to extend their work permits or all rules related to student visas.

Almost all universities in Canada have clubs and other programs in place for international students. By joining these, a student can enjoy a truly immersive experience.