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7 Best States in the USA to Pursue your Graduate Studies

Making a decision to pursue further studies and get a graduate degree is hardly a piece of cake; and when you are attempting to do this through colleges in the US, it’s a different feat altogether. This is because, other than finding the best program, you also need to know the best state in the US to pursue this degree.

Here is a list of the US states that are more popular and better than the rest when it comes to your graduate studies.



Since California has such a big economy and is a multicultural state, it is the perfect state for international students. You can find a variety of colleges and universities that provide undergraduate courses. You are spoilt for choice and can pick from diverse majors, be it technology information, aerospace industry, agriculture, manufacturing or any other field.



If you prefer to study in a state that sees a great amount of sunshine and is low on tuition fees, Florida is the place for your higher education aspirations. You can opt from over 120 universities and colleges that offer majors in hospitality, law, agriculture, business and fine arts to name a few.

New York


Every year, New York accepts over 75,000 international students for a higher education degree. You can easily find more than one Ivy League school and apply for an undergraduate course in the field of law, architecture, journalism, computer science, biomedicine or any other preferred major.



If you want to feel welcomed, experience friendliness at its best and gain an appreciated graduate degree, head to Texas. The state has more than 100 universities that offer majors in a variety of areas. Owing to the fact that the place is a leader in the industries of biomedical, electronics, energy, agriculture, aerospace, petrochemicals and computers, most of the subjects revolve around these areas.

Washington D.C.


For a great availability of academic opportunities, internships and job openings, Washington D.C. is the best. There are various colleges, public and private universities and community colleges for earning degrees in the field of computer software development, aircraft manufacturing, political science, telecommunications and biotechnology.



With a wide array of renowned and established universities to its credit, Massachusetts is a major state that plays an essential role in higher education in the US. It is home to Harvard University, one of the best and most distinguished universities around the globe. Other than this, you can seek admissions in one of the 121 higher educational institutions that exist.



You can major in the subjects of psychology, film studies, accounting, computer information systems and marketing from any one of the 100 educational institutions set up in Georgia. Being affordable in its cost of living and home to one of the oldest universities in the US, the University of Georgia, it’s no surprise why this state is a popular educational hub.

Finding a good university/college to pursue your graduate studies can leave you in a conflict. It is only when you do your research well and have a visa to study in the US ready; you are halfway there in your pursuit for higher education in the US. At Kanan International, you can seek guidance on choosing the best state in America for pursuing graduation studies for the subject you wish to apply for.