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5 Tips to Improve Your GRE Score

Taking the GRE is one of the first steps towards getting admission into an American university for postgrad studies. Although not a guarantee of admission in itself, GRE score has a great weightage in getting you accepted in a university of choice. In a way, your performance on GRE reflects what you’ve learnt all throughout your student life. But you can surely give your scores a boost by a thorough preparation and a few smart test-taking tactics. While there are professional GRE coaching classes for help, you need to do a lot of smart work other than just attending GRE classes. Here are a few tips for acing GRE.

1) Invest in regular study

GRE is a test of persevered efforts. The sooner you start, the better it will be. And make sure you put in at least an hour of study every day without a break. All areas of the test require consistent hard work – vocabulary building, analytical writing and quantitative ability. There is hardly a shortcut to any of these.

2) Take mock tests and build a test-taking strategy from them

Speed is an extremely critical factor when taking the GRE; and the only way to develop is by taking dozens of mock tests before you take the real one. These mock tests will help you assess which areas you are the strongest in and should attempt first. Recognize the questions that you find difficult and time-consuming, so you can mark any such questions and go back to them later after attempting the more scoring parts of the test.

3) Book a time slot when you are at your alert best

You can take the GRE in various slots through the day. Use this choice to your best advantage by picking a time slot when you are at your peak mental performance. If you are not much of a morning person, for example, make sure you book a time in the later part of the day for best results.

4) Consider taking GRE coaching

Even though GRE coaching classes are not necessary, they can help you significantly if you have limited time before the test and are not completely sure of what all to study on priority. GRE classes can provide valuable guidance in such a situation.

5) Do not be disheartened at an underwhelming attempt

The option to re-take the GRE is there for a reason! Numerous reasons could keep a student from delivering his/her best on the test on a particular day. A large pool of GRE takers goes for multiple attempts, and there is nothing wrong with that. So do not take your test scores to heart and start preparing for a second attempt the moment you realize the first one wouldn’t do you justice.

Many students erroneously believe that a perfect GRE score is all they need to get into an elite US university. However, the caveat is that even after you get a perfect GRE score, getting admission into an American college or university is no small task – it’s a feat to achieve. Add in all the paperwork and visa procedures, the entire project of catapulting yourself to the US can be a tough one. At Kanan International, we conduct GRE coaching to help you prepare for the test. Apart from helping you prepare for the exam through structured GRE classes, we also guide you through all the further steps towards admission.