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5 Things to consider before choosing a Study Abroad

While independence is a goal that every person in his/her 20s works towards, millennials today want to go beyond just leaving the 4 walls of their homes. They want to explore a new country to study in, they want to be financially self-sufficient and they want to enjoy life while doing that. Study abroad for students isn’t just limited to a degree or a diploma, it is a conscious life decision that involves careful consideration on the basis of several parameters. Here are 5 things students must consider while selecting which country to study in:


1. Visa regulations

A visa is your entry ticket to any country of your choice and one that you must give a lot of importance to. Several countries often deny students a visa despite them having secured admission. Hence, it is extremely important to check visa norms before selecting a country. At Kanan International, we provide complete assistance regarding your visa application process, making the entire application process seamless and convenient for the applicant and his/her family members.

2. Major academic requirements

One of the primary concerns you must address while choosing a country to study abroad are the academic requirements that various countries have. Your educational qualifications and academic records are of utmost importance here if you do not match the requirements of a particular country, you may not be able to study there despite having an excellent academic record. You must therefore, look into the education system, the years of education required by different countries, work experience requirements, if any while choosing a country to study in.

3. Living situation

Studying abroad must be financially viable and the return on investment must be significantly high for the student’s family. One of the most important factors at play here is the living situation in the country that you wish to visit. The living costs, types of accommodation available, student housing opportunities, etc. all play a very important role.

4. Work opportunities

Living abroad is undoubtedly financially straining and most of the students who apply abroad wish to immediately start working; in addition to that they also want to start working full-time for at least a few years after they finish their degree. Hence it is important to understand whether the country you are considering allows students to work while studying and if it issues work permits in the long run. At Kanan International, students are constantly mentored by experts who can guide them regarding work permits and work opportunities while studying abroad so as to enable the students to make a conscious decision.

5. Local Life

While it may initially not seem like a significant factor, the social atmosphere in a country, especially in the city that you plan on staying in, is extremely important. It holds even more importance when you plan on working for some years after you finish your degree or if you plan on settling abroad. The social system, the infrastructure, public transport facilities, travel costs etc. are aspects that you must consider because at the end of the day, these add to the quality of life index that a country or a region offers. If a place has a decent transport system, has great sights for you to explore and a healthy social atmosphere, it surely has so much more to offer than a place that doesn’t have these perks.


These are just some of the many factors that one must consider while choosing a country to study abroad. If you’re a student who is looking to pursue further studies abroad or a parent who is seeking advise regarding his/her child’s future, contact Kanan International to get a detailed analysis of the best study abroad destinations in the world so that you choose a country that fits your needs and offers you the life of your dreams.