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5 Essential Guidelines for Students Planning to Study in USA

Education in USA is your gateway to the wide world out there. The diversity of culture, the higher standards of pedagogy and the various research opportunities make it completely worth spending your time and money on studying in the United States. However, you want to make sure you extract the maximum value out of this rather expensive experience; and to do that, the best way to go about is to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Here are a few crucial guidelines of things to consider before you enrol into a program to study in USA.

1. Do Your Research Well

First of all, read on the education system in general. Different countries of the world have different educational hierarchies and subsequently different requirements in terms of how many years of previous education you need to be able to enrol into a course of a certain level, say grad or post grad.

Once you understand the system well, go on to researching about the subject you wish to study. Depending on the level at which you want to pursue the subject, make a list of colleges and universities offering courses that match your requirements. Now, look at the overall ranks of the institutes, followed by ranking in the particular department you are looking at. Many a time, an institute may have a great overall rank but not that great a rank in the individual department; so look specifically for subject-wise rankings before you set your eyes on a university.

2. Plan Your Finances to the Tiniest Detail

Incorporate all the costs you will incur during the course of your study in the US and add them up to get a clear estimate on how much money you need to arrange for before you commit to an education abroad. Include cost of living, books, additional courses and also of flying.

When it comes to tuition fee, you can get scholarships and grants from organizations that offer research and higher education aid to international students. Also, you can look up to the education authorities in India for funding your education abroad through their various assistance programs.

3. Take the Time to Understand the Application Process Really Well

The application process may differ across institutes and you need to be very careful in filing your application; there is no room for errors in here. Read the application guidelines again and again and make sure no required document is missing before you submit.

4. Prepare for the Visa Application Procedure

You need to get an acceptance letter before you apply for the US Students’ Visa. This process, too, like application filling, should be taken very seriously. Keep all your documents ready well in advance before your interview. At Kanan International, a reputed USA student visa consultancy, we help students prepare for the visa application and interview so they can realize their dream without any hitches.

5. Read about the Life and Culture at US

To avoid putting yourself in awkward social situations, it’s always great to know a little bit about the culture and social practices of a country before you visit. Besides, it’s also very important for you to understand the difference in ways of life so you can make an informed decision for yourself about spending a few valuable years there without any family support.