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Canada Student Visa FAQs

Signature is required for visa form?

No. Because we have to upload original filled form.

Study permit questionnaire is required?

Yes, With the Academic documents you can upload, also upload the SOP with Document or in Client Information section – we can upload additional documents.

Which documents format used for online visa file?

PDF format, clear original scan copy (Notary not require) and the PDF size should be not more than 4 MB.

Financial Documents are required for SDS?

No, But it is strongly recommended to take from Student for your reference because we have to mention in the main visa form.


Which is the preferred bank to open the GIC?

It’s Scotiabank because it is a Canadian government bank and having multiple branches in almost all the cities in Canada.

Which banks are accepted by the high commission for the GIC?

(1) Scotiabank

(2) ICICI Bank Canada

(3) CIBC Bank .

(4) SBI Canada

What is GIC ?

GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is used to cover initially 1 year cost of living for the students who are going to Canada on a study visa.

Scotiabank FAQs

In my passport I don’t have Last name what to do?

You can mention your first name in both the Surname and First name fields.

Which date do I have to mention in “Expected date of Arrival”?

You can mention Start date of Intake (For e.g. If intake is September you can mention Start date as – 1st Sep).

From which website can I open the GIC Account?


How much time it takes to open the GIC in ICICI bank?

You will get the Account details immediately once you submit the GIC online application, By using this details student can pay the GIC amount.

Step By step process to open the GIC?

– First, you have to create a login detail by registering online.
– The student will receive an email with the verification link, verify it.
– Then Visit the login page and log in with the credential you have created.
– Click on “Apply now “

Eligibility Criteria FAQs

If I am applying under Non-SDS category, I may not be required to pay the GIC.

No. Paying GIC is mandatory under SDS as well as Non-SDS categories.

Applying to a Canadian College or a University under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is tougher in comparison to the previous visa category of Student Partner’s Program (SPP).

There is no such comparison between the two visa categories. If you have a score of 6.0 bands in each section in IELTS, have paid the first year’s tuition fee and the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate), you become eligible to apply under Student Direct Stream (SDS). In fact, SDS category provides you with the choice of applying to more number of Colleges and Universities.

Canada is going to run its student visa policy only till 2023 and I shall not qualify to apply for Canada student visa after 2023?

There is no such news or official confirmation from Government of Canada or Immigration Canada. In fact, Canadian Government plans to welcome 1.3 million immigrants by 2022.