Pacific State University

  • Pacific State University is a private university in the Wilshire Blvd, California, United State.
  • Founded in 1928 as an independent private institution.
  • It has provided a comprehensive education in the fields of business, and computer science to more than 12,000 graduates.
  • Curriculum is based in the quarter system. A faculty of about 36 professors serve as of school year 2013
  • The student body is drawn from the United States and 40 other countries. Facilities include classrooms, computer laboratories with Internet access.
  • The library houses multiple volumes and subscribes to over 50 periodical and professional journals. Students have access to Melvyn which is the online catalog network for the campuses of the University of California. Other university libraries, as well as the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL), make their materials available to students.

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