University of Wisconsin-Superior

  • Founded 1893 and its Public University.
  • Accredited with
    • The UW- Superior is approved by the “Higher Learning   Commission(HLC)” which is recognized by the “US department of Education and the council for Higher Education Accreditation” since 1916.
    • The UW-Superior is also approved from organizations like “American Chemical Society” for assessing chemistry courses.
    • Undergraduate Social Work/Music/Teacher Education Degrees are accredited by the “Council on Social Work Education”, “National Association of Schools of Music”& “Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
    • It is located 2½hrs Drive from Minneapolis Tourist Place 2 Port nearby Superior.
    • The main campus is at Wisconsin.
    • Wisconsin's state colleges eventually were reclassified as universities, resulting in another name change in 1964 to Wisconsin State University–Superior. Finally, in 1971 Superior became part of the University of Wisconsin System and acquired its present name.
    • The student faculty ratio is 16:1.
    • The annual enrollment at the university is 2600. Out of which, 150-200 students.

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