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Why choose Kanan International for IELTS Preparations

International English Language Test System (IELTS) is a mandatory examination that one needs to clear in order to go to any of these countries – Canada, USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. IELTS is the standard test for people who wish to study, work or migrate to an English speaking country. In around 140 countries, IELTS is recognized by almost all organizations be it educational, government or employers. 

In simple words, IELTS test the English language skills of an individual. IELTS test all the four language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

-All the four skills are tested and their scores are combined to give out the final result. The score of an individual will decide whether s/he is going to get the visa, which institution they can apply for in case of student visa.

-These things might be hard for you to understand and that is why Kanan International is here to help and guide you from the day you start your IELTS preparation to the day you catch your flight and beyond. 

-IELTS is a globally recognized test and it is the first step in the process of visa application. IELTS score is considered a reliable source to know the English proficiency of the individual.

-IELTS has two modules, (1) Academic training module and (2) General training module. The first one is for people who wish to apply for higher studies in universities abroad. The second one is for people who are looking to migrate to Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Why IELTS coaching at Kanan International?

Kanan International has the highest success ratio in student visa.

Kanan International provides coaching for IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, and SAT at every branch.

It provides A to Z services. Services offered are coaching, admissions, visa guidelines, and resettlement.

Limited students in every batch to give personal attention and quality education for every student.

Kanan International offers demo classes before joining the institute. After 2 days of demo class, the student can join as per his/her convenience.

It has experienced and well-trained staff for teaching and guiding students as per their academic profile, prerequisite exam results, study preference, financial budget, etc.

It organizes a number of seminars, informative and counselling sessions for students.

Kanan International provides expert suggestions for the entire process, for document guidelines, loan arrangements, admission and visa, GIC, and more.

Pre-departure services to students after they get the visa to guide them for their future endeavours.

It provides assistance in the immigration filing process for Permanent Residence in Canada. 

Kanan International Pvt Ltd. represents 200+ government colleges/universities in Canada and the USA to provide wide choices of programs and colleges.

Kanan International is the oldest, largest and most experienced visa consultancy in Gujarat. It has 20 years of experience of helping and guiding thousands of its clients for student visas, visiting visas, and immigration visas. Besides providing TOEFL and IELTS coaching class, Kanan International offers some exclusive services like advice on ticket booking, documentation, medical insurance guidance, and much more. Kanan International is the best coaching institute for IELTS preparation because of its good track record and consistent efforts for the better future of its clients. For more information visit: 

Click On Website for more information: http://www.kananinternational.com/



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