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5 Steps to Study in the USA

The world’s largest international student population is said to be found in the United States of America (USA) as over 1,000,000 students choose to gain higher education and life experience here. If you yourself want to pursue your higher studies in the US or are considering doing so, you are expected to follow these five procedures.

Step 1: Do your Research Well and Get to Know your Options

You need to know that you cannot judge a US college by an official ranking system as such a thing does not exist. Researching the kind of colleges and universities around so you can choose the one that is best for you is imperative. Take into account whether a particular college suits you personally, academically and financially.

Decide what you want to learn, where you are most likely to adjust easily, where you want to live in the US and whether you will need financial help. Accordingly, make your choice.

Step 2: Come Up with the Resources to Finance your Education

You cannot really judge the cost of living and study in the US. This is why it is important to plan your finances as early as you can. International students get a good amount as financial assistance although you have to rise above the competition to attain this financial aid.

See what benefits your career and educational dreams and how much you are willing to spend on it. Your level of study that is choosing from undergraduate, community college and graduate courses also plays a vital factor when it comes to financing a particular course.

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Step 3: See that You Complete General Application Requirements

You need to fill your application well and with utmost concentration. This process constitutes writing essays, collecting recommendations and making a list of the necessary examination results. You need to pay particular focus on all of these aspects if you want to successfully get into the university or college of your choice.

Remember, no two applications are the same. There are some applications that require you to take third-party standardized tests. At Kanan International, our experts will help you better understand the application requirements and how you can fulfill them.

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Apply for your Student Visa

Before you apply for a visa, you first need to be accepted by a US institution of higher education. Keep in mind that the institution needs to be certified by the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program). Understand the types of visas, the fees, the process of applying for one and the documents required for the same.

Prepare for your visa appointment well. Make sure you explain the purpose of studying in the US, how you will support yourself while studying and what are your future plans.

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Step 5: Prepare Adequately and Carefully for your Departure

Understand what life in the US will be like and plan accordingly. Finalize travel arrangements and get all of your necessities ready. At Kanan International, we provide comprehensive guidance in this regard so your transition can be as smooth as possible.

Surf your chosen institution’s website and check for the pre-departure orientation they are offering. Understand temperature, housing, health insurance, local transportation and other factors that will help you in everyday living in a better way.

These five steps are sure to help a prospective international student in a successful manner when pursuing a short-term or full degree program in the US. If you find the procedure complex, take help of our experienced faculty at Kanan International to provide you necessary guidance and hand-hold you through all these steps.

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President Trump and His Impact – If You Are Planning To Study in USA

President Trump and His Impact – If You Are Planning To Study in USA

Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidential Win on Indian International Students

With numerous academic courses to choose from – science, architecture, medicine, arts, engineering, etc., world class institutions providing superior facilities and amenities, United States of America has always been a numero uno choice of Indian studies aspiring for higher education study abroad. But, the recent US presidential elections have put many aspiring student’s future prospects at risk. With Donald Trump being the president-elect, there are concerns and worries amongst prospective students about their stay and future in America. However, students need not worry as Donald Trump has categorically stated that Indian students are ‘smart people’ and the US very much needs them for the development of their country.

Study in USA

First things first, anyone staying, studying and working in America legally, with valid permits and VISA should be absolutely confident, without any fear. The students who have gone to study in USA with a valid VISA can stay there until the course completes. International students on an F1 visa have a 60 days extension to stay in US on completion of the said course, if they haven’t enrolled in additional course or classes. If an international student with USA Student VISA withdraws from the course with authorization from the institute, he has 15 days to leave the country.

For students who want to apply for USA student VISA, though Trump has mentioned altering immigration laws during his campaign, he has been open to international students working in America. Last year, he mentioned on his social media that he welcomes talented people in his country, to work hard and become citizens.

Trump has particularly emphasized on banning immigrants from the countries that are known to support or promote terrorism, or linked with the same, with his only focus to terminate the malice of terrorism from his country. India has been known to be a victim of terrorism and not otherwise, hence, there shouldn’t be a problem with America not letting legitimate Indian students to study there under valid permits.

How Can Kanan International Help Its Students in Achieving Their Dream of Studying in USA?

Since last 20 years, Kanan International is pioneering in overseas education, assisting thousands of students every year to widen their horizons by studying abroad.

  • With the United States being our niche area, we provide our students immaculately precise information on all the universities and colleges that are registered and approved by the government.

  • We have our counselors available at all centers to guide you regarding documentation, VISA application procedures and processing for USA Student Visa.

  • Kanan International has qualified trainers who assist their students in preparing for USA Visa

  • Once the student obtains USA Visa, we provide guidance with post-visa procedures.

Given the circumstances, study in USA is still a favorable opportunity. Kanan International ascertains to give wings to your dreams.

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Top Study Destinations for Indian Students

Studying overseas is a life changing experience for a college student. The worldly exposure, interacting with people of different cultures, and infinite work and living opportunities are some of the advantages of studying abroad.

There are dozens of countries considered to be good destinations for international studies; however, according to the study and research done over years by Kanan International, the following countries are the best five destinations for Indian students interested in pursuing education abroad.

  1. USA

Getting a USA student visa is undoubtedly a dream for most of the Indian students. The U.S. is the avant-garde in the education and technology, with its education system being renowned and accepted worldwide. Off lately, the U.S. has become a hub for hundreds of thousands of intellectual, aspiring and ambitious students throughout the world, seeking better educational and work opportunities. To study in USA is the first choice for Indian students when applying for higher education because of the following reasons:

  • USA is home to most of the world’s top ranking colleges
  • Exceptional educational infrastructure
  • Leading edge technology
  • Extensive options of educational programs with flexible curriculum
  • Pervasive support for international students
  1. Canada

Ranked by United Nations as one of the best places to live, Canada is an ideal choice for students looking for better future prospects. This multicultural and indigenously diverse nation is accepting towards immigrants, making it easy to get Canadian Visa. Canada invites 250,000 to 300,000 global students every year to study in Canada giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, work and settle there.

Find out below why studying in Canada is a great choice:

  • Canada boasts of top class educational institutions for degree as well as diploma in professional and technical courses that are internationally recognized.
  • Canada has lowest fees structure internationally, with tuition fees as low as CAD $13,000 to $15,000 annually.
  • Maximum universities and colleges in Canada are funded by Government to ensure they impart quality education.
  • The Student Partners Program (SPP) gives work permit to students who have Canada Student Visa for up to 3 years. After two years of study, students can file for Permanent Residency.
  1. United Kingdom

The Gateway to Europe, United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for international education. This culturally diverse and multi-ethnic nation is welcoming to students across the globe. With its institutions and degrees recognized globally, once you study in UK, you can work in any part of the world. Whatever line of education or professional course you might be interested in, UK has various graduate and undergraduate courses to choose from to suit your requirements.

  1. Australia

Australia is another popular destination when it comes to international studies for Indian students. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of its quality of life, high standard of living, exceptional education system, and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Singapore

A swiftly developing economy, Singapore is an emerging destination for international education. Singapore is a hub for educational excellence, and hence, a perfect place to experience global education. This multicultural nation has stable economy and a vibrant lifestyle located in the heart of Asia, providing better accessibility for Indian students.

Whatever be your dream destination for higher studies, you can trust Kanan International to provide you the right guidance for preparing for entrance exams, applying visa and choosing the right course and college. We have the expertise for foreign education consulting and have helped thousands of students’ purse higher education in USA, Canada and several other countries.

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