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Canadian Immigration Policies That Favor International Students

An education in Canada is one of the easiest ways to get permanent residency in the country. The Canadian government, in order to get more students to enroll in their colleges and universities, has substantially relaxed its immigration policies for international students. This is a way to incentivize more and more highly skilled and educated people to live and work in Canada, thereby contributing to the country’s growth.

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If you have dreams of studying and working abroad, Canada could be just the right country for you. It provides an environment conducive to specialized study and research and a good number of employment opportunities post studies. At Kanan International, we can help realize your ambition with surprising ease and swiftness.

International Graduates Fall under the Express Entry

All international students who study in Canada are liable to receive additional points in the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System when applying for PR. The system was introduced in 2016 by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

The one year or two-year post-secondary programs will fetch you 15 CRS points, and those with duration of three or more years will fetch 30 straight points on the PR application. Masters degrees, Doctoral degrees and some entry-to-practice professional degrees will also give you 30 points on the application.

Unlike in the United States, the process of applying for PR in Canada after studies there is fairly straightforward and reliable. If you care deeply about getting to live in a highly developed foreign country, this is your chance of achieving it, besides receiving a world-class education.

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International Students Likely to Get the Highest Median Score on CRS

By January 2016, 55,475 people had already applied in the Express Entry pool, and out of them, 14 percent were international students who received a degree in Canada. While the regular candidates had a median CRS score of 373 points, Canadian education graduates were had a huge margin of 50 points with a median score of 473 points. The statistics make it pretty clear that studying in Canada will be a huge benefit if a PR and a citizenship are what you seek.

The One Agency to Complete it All

At Kanan International, we have tie-ups with numerous prestigious Canadian educational institutes and can guide you in choosing the best one from among these. In addition, we understand how much of a toll visa application and completing the requisite paperwork can take. Therefore, we help you at all of these stages so you never feel lost.

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Play with the idea of studying or researching in Canada and for any questions during the process, come to Kanan International for a free counseling session. And once you make up your mind of pursuing your studies in Canada, you can count on us to give you access to information about the best programs in your area of specialization. In addition, we will send out admission applications on your behalf and hand-hold you through the visa application process as well. To make things even easier for you, you have our complete support in looking for accommodation for a convenient stay in Canada during your period of education.

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Kanan Education Fair 2018-Anand-Vadodara-Surat

Kanan Education Fair 2018 – Anand | Vadodara | Surat

Our recent education fair organized in Anand, Vadodara and Surat saw the participation of more than 400 enthusiastic students in Surat alone. The event was organized for the benefit of students who aspire to study in the various universities of the USA or Canada. It was a delight to execute the event successfully and far exceed the expectations students and their parents have from events like these. We were able to give individual counseling sessions to each of the participants and gave them a clear idea of life and education abroad.

The event happened in Anand on February 3, in Vadodara on February 4 and in Surat on February 5. Seeing the inspiring success of these, we plan to conduct many more such events for education in various cities of the country.

Both US and Canada Universities in the Same Space

Representatives from the best USA and Canada universities and colleges attended the event and interacted with the students. It was, therefore, a great opportunity for students to have all their questions answered under one roof. Some students are confused about which of the two countries to choose for their study abroad plans since both have equally good research facilities; interacting with representatives from both countries gave them a fair idea on what would be best for them.

Benefits of Associating with Kanan International

The Kanan Education Fair 2018 provided a platform for numerous people to connect with us, and we are all set to provide them the best possible service in the arena. We have connections with some of the best colleges and universities in numerous countries for all disciplines from humanities to applied sciences. Whatever you are aiming to achieve through an education abroad, communicate it to us and we will steer you in the right direction.

Kanan International End-to-end Services

At Kanan International, we don’t just restrict ourselves to telling you about educational institutes abroad and applying on your behalf; we assist you A-Z through the entire process of finding a university, getting your documents in order, applying for visa, preparing for interview and entrance exams and searching for student accommodations.

It’s our endeavor to make your application as easy as possible so you can focus your energies on getting good grades and seeking extra-curricular credits – because both things play a big role in getting you to the Institute of your choice.

We are glad to have assisted hundreds of bright minds on achieving their dream education through the Kanan Education Fair 2018 in three cities. If you too are interested in studying in US and Canada and were not able to attend the event, you can approach us at our office and we will provide you with the requisite information on going about your studies in either of these countries.

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Studying And Living Expenses While Studying In Canada - Kanan International

Studying And Living Expenses While Studying In Canada

It is a well known fact that Canadian universities and colleges are offering the most advanced education for the foreign students. Around 26 universities in Canada have been listed among the best academic institutions in the world and the number of students, who have been choosing Canadian universities for their higher studies, is increasing at a very rapid pace.

What about the studying and living expenses while studying in Canada? The standard of living in this country is definitely high and the students can enjoy a higher quality of life compared to most countries in the world. If you are planning to study in Canada, you should create better understanding about the studying and living expenses and such a method of approach makes you well protected against immediate shocks or accidental surprises.

Tuition fees and related expenses

The tuition fees and related expenses vary based on the courses and provinces. Studying expenses are lower compared to counties like USA, UK and Australia. In places like Ontario and Toronto, the fees are a bit higher and areas like Newfoundland have the lowest fees. Courses like dentistry and law can be described as expensive ones in Canada. If you are attending a bachelor degree dentistry course, you need to spend around $ (CAD) 21,000 per year and for bachelor law programs, the fees come around $ (CAD) 11,000. The most affordable bachelor programs in Canada are education ($(CAD) 2000) and social sciences ($CAD 850). When it comes to post graduate courses, MBA costs around $ (CAD) 27,000 per year and the tuition fees for engineering come about $ (CAD) 37,000. Cost effective post graduate programs include humanities ($(CAD) 1800) and design courses ($CAD 2000). The fees vary depending on the university you choose. The fee of the University of Toronto is $(CAD) 38,000 per year for a student. The average tuition fees of the University of Montreal come around $ (CAD) 10,000 per year. You must choose the most suitable university based on your budget, preferences and the course you want to attend.

Accommodation expenses

When it comes to accommodation for foreign students, Canada offers a wide range of options and they include student residences, university provided home-stays and shared apartments. As far as student residences are concerned, you have to spend between $ (CAD) 250 and $ (CAD) 625 every month. If you prefer staying at university provided home-stays, the cost comes around $ (CAD) 400 on a monthly basis and it may go up to $ (CAD) 800 depending on the location, university and amenities provided. For shared apartments, you may need to pay between $ (CAD) 250 and $ (CAD) 700 per month. If you rent a studio or apartment, additional expenses such as basic utilities and internet charges need to be paid. Average monthly cost for basic utilities is $ (CAD) 150 and the expense for the internet is $ (CAD) 60.

Food expenses

There is no need to worry too much about food expenses because food price always stands in between $ (CAD) 200 and $ (CAD) 250. This price is applicable when you purchase from the local groceries and supermarkets. If you keep on visiting restaurants on a daily basis, this price easily goes up. Restaurants usually charge 10 to 25 $ (CAD) and the price for a three course meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant comes around $ (CAD) 60.

Transportation costs

All students enrolled in a Canadian university (aged between 18 and 25) are eligible for discounts and in order to get this discount, they must purchase the monthly transport pass. A transport pass can be bought by paying approximately $ (CAD) 90 per month.

An overview of total living expenses for students including accommodation, food and transportation.

Living costs can be described as bit higher in Canada but you can enjoy a superior quality life. If you are living in provinces like Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal, you have to spend approximately 1000 to 1200 $ (CAD) per month. The most expensive cities in Canada are Calgary and Vancouver and the average cost for a student living in these areas stands in between 1200 and 1500 $ (CAD) every month.

If you want to make your study more affordable, you have to apply for scholarships. Leading Canadian universities are offering different types of scholarships for the students and you can choose the most suitable one depending on your eligibility and course. Most students are seeking the help of reliable educational consultants to create clear cut idea about the total expenses including studying and living costs and, top agents guide the students to process the student visa properly for securing an admission in one of the prestigious universities in Canada.

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Benefits of Doing a Post Graduate Course in Canada-Kanan International

Benefits of Doing a Post Graduate Course in Canada

Why do a lot of students go overseas for studying post graduation courses? This modern world has become fiercely competitive and every young job aspirant is competing internationally to get a job. Best education and training are necessary to get the best jobs around and this aspect motivates students to go abroad for their post-graduation courses.

When it comes to choosing a destination for post graduation courses, many students prefer Canada. The government of Canada has taken several steps to make the admission process for foreign students extremely hassle free and the high quality education provided by the colleges and universities also motivate foreign students to take admission in the leading Canadian colleges and universities. What are the most prominent benefits of doing a post-graduate course in Canada?

Advanced quality education

Top Canadian universities and colleges are well known for their quality of education, training, research and innovation. State-of-the-art facilities are provided for the students and you can learn from highly experienced and well trained instructors and teachers. Most Canadian post graduate programs are internationally recognized and after completing the post graduation, the students can apply for jobs in any part of the world. Excellent diversity can be associated with the best universities in terms of scope, size, character and program breadth. You can choose the most congenial depending on your exclusive needs.

Highly affordable education

Everybody known that quality does not often come cheap. The top Canadian universities break this concept and they offer excellent education at post graduate levels in a highly affordable way. If you compare the cost of education in Canada with that of all other developed countries, it can be said without an iota of doubt that Canada is the most affordable destination. You do not have to worry much about tuition fees becoming a burden and in order to make the fees more affordable, leading colleges offer different types of scholarships for a large number of students. The government itself has come up with several measures to make the post graduation programs cost effective and you can also find highly cost-effective accommodation options in Canada.

Excellent exposure through a multicultural society

When you study in a reputed university or college in Canada, you are interacting with a multicultural society. You can come across almost all of world’s ethnic groups and interacting with such a diverse society enhances your life skills in the best possible way. This exposure is truly priceless and you become a ‘global citizen’ in the real sense of that term. You get to know various types of people from different cultures and learning about their lifestyle, food and perspectives is going to make you a better person with a more refined outlook. The Canadian Universities and colleges are promoting a good number of cultural exchange programs and all these activities improve your communication skills and outlook towards life in limitless ways. Quite naturally, you become better equipped to get placements in any part of the world.

Beneficial work permit schemes and better chances of immigration

Canada offers post graduation work permits for the foreign students and it allows them to earn a decent income while studying. This work experience increases the chances of immigration. After the post graduation program, students with Canadian credentials and work experience can apply for permanent residency without leaving the country. Most universities and colleges appreciate the value of the skills, diversity and innovation that foreign students bring and the government offers all possible help to become a permanent citizen of Canada.

Having a post-graduate degree from a reputed Canadian University improves the career prospects of students in many ways. It definitely strengthens your CV and top colleges and universities offer work experience as a part of post graduate level programs. The exposure you get can be described as truly outstanding and you can compete on a global level with absolute confidence. When you get quality education at affordable prices, you will definitely feel inclined to apply for such a program and that is what exactly happens with post graduate programs in Canada.

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The Estimated Costs of Studying in Canada - Kanan International

Estimating The Cost Of Studying In Canada

Canadian education is one of the best in the world, especially in domains involving research. The country offers the best of all educational and research facilities and a fair opportunity to learn as much as you like. At the same time, the standard of living is undoubtedly high, and in absolute terms, you can have a much higher quality of life as a student than you can in most other countries. However, this excellence comes at a price.

It’s essential for you to have an estimate of how much money you are likely to be spending in Canada besides your tuition fee. Spare yourself any shocks or surprises by going through the following breakdown on the cost of studying in Canada.

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The major budget eater will be accommodation

While studying in Canada, you have the choice to either live on-campus or off-campus. On-campus living is generally costlier than renting apartments or homestays, but it has its own set of advantages like greater opportunity to participate in university activities besides academics and better chances of socializing with fellow students.

Off-campus accommodation, however, offers you the flexibility to choose from many options like renting an apartment or studio independently, sharing a house or going for homestays with local families.

Coming to a city-wise division of living costs, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec have some excellent universities, and accommodation in these cities would cost you about CAD 1000 a month.

Among the more expensive cities are Calgary and Vancouver, where accommodation costs can go up to CAD 1500 a month, living individually. You can always share an apartment with another student to save significantly.

If you are a young undergrad student, you can expect a tremendous reduction in your monthly bills. This is because most Canadian provinces require that students under the age of 18, or 19 in some provinces, reside in a homestay with a host family. This option costs you about CAD 600-800 a month and in most cases, your host family will provide you with meals, leading to a further reduction in expenses.


Food won’t pinch you much

In most cases, all your food expenses (besides eating out) can fit into the CAD 250 bracket a month. Choose any local grocery store or supermarket and you’ll be able to cover almost all your requirements conveniently and economically.

Moreover, eating out in Canada is not as expensive as other countries either. For a mere CAD 20 you can get a pretty decent meal. Finer restaurants offer three-course meals for CAD 30 per person per meal.


Transportation is fairly economical

You can get a monthly transport pass to cover all your public transport trips at a reasonable price. University students, particularly those under the age of 25, are eligible for further discounts on their transport cards.

When you study in Canada, some of the other costs that you need to be prepared to bear include cost of air tickets, health insurance, and visa fee. Besides, you would also need to spend on books and stationery and also warm clothing as the winters here are extremely cold. To lessen the cost of studying in Canada it is always best to look for the various scholarship options available.

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Top Study Destinations for Indian Students

Studying overseas is a life changing experience for a college student. The worldly exposure, interacting with people of different cultures, and infinite work and living opportunities are some of the advantages of studying abroad.

There are dozens of countries considered to be good destinations for international studies; however, according to the study and research done over years by Kanan International, the following countries are the best five destinations for Indian students interested in pursuing education abroad.

  1. USA

Getting a USA student visa is undoubtedly a dream for most of the Indian students. The U.S. is the avant-garde in the education and technology, with its education system being renowned and accepted worldwide. Off lately, the U.S. has become a hub for hundreds of thousands of intellectual, aspiring and ambitious students throughout the world, seeking better educational and work opportunities. To study in USA is the first choice for Indian students when applying for higher education because of the following reasons:

  • USA is home to most of the world’s top ranking colleges
  • Exceptional educational infrastructure
  • Leading edge technology
  • Extensive options of educational programs with flexible curriculum
  • Pervasive support for international students
  1. Canada

Ranked by United Nations as one of the best places to live, Canada is an ideal choice for students looking for better future prospects. This multicultural and indigenously diverse nation is accepting towards immigrants, making it easy to get Canadian Visa. Canada invites 250,000 to 300,000 global students every year to study in Canada giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, work and settle there.

Find out below why studying in Canada is a great choice:

  • Canada boasts of top class educational institutions for degree as well as diploma in professional and technical courses that are internationally recognized.
  • Canada has lowest fees structure internationally, with tuition fees as low as CAD $13,000 to $15,000 annually.
  • Maximum universities and colleges in Canada are funded by Government to ensure they impart quality education.
  • The Student Partners Program (SPP) gives work permit to students who have Canada Student Visa for up to 3 years. After two years of study, students can file for Permanent Residency.
  1. United Kingdom

The Gateway to Europe, United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for international education. This culturally diverse and multi-ethnic nation is welcoming to students across the globe. With its institutions and degrees recognized globally, once you study in UK, you can work in any part of the world. Whatever line of education or professional course you might be interested in, UK has various graduate and undergraduate courses to choose from to suit your requirements.

  1. Australia

Australia is another popular destination when it comes to international studies for Indian students. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of its quality of life, high standard of living, exceptional education system, and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Singapore

A swiftly developing economy, Singapore is an emerging destination for international education. Singapore is a hub for educational excellence, and hence, a perfect place to experience global education. This multicultural nation has stable economy and a vibrant lifestyle located in the heart of Asia, providing better accessibility for Indian students.

Whatever be your dream destination for higher studies, you can trust Kanan International to provide you the right guidance for preparing for entrance exams, applying visa and choosing the right course and college. We have the expertise for foreign education consulting and have helped thousands of students’ purse higher education in USA, Canada and several other countries.

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Opportunities Post Ones Studies In Canada

Opportunities Post One’s Studies In Canada

Canada is well known for its world-class educational institutions which attract thousands of students from across the world. With a curriculum that meets the highest standards, industry-linked research and courses, a multicultural and peaceful society, affordable cost of living and insurance, as well as being one of the most scenic countries in the world, there are a lot of advantages to studying in Canada. One of the most attractive features of the educational system in Canada is the opportunities one gets post one’s studies.

International Opportunities

Since Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates are recognised internationally, graduates are welcomed with open arms almost anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to work in the corporate world or in the research sector, in the entertainment industry or in the humanitarian sector, the opportunities are limitless once you have your Canadian certificate in hand.

Opportunities in Canada

Canada is known to have a very friendly and open approach to people from other countries studying and working there. Did you know that, if you get the Post-Study Work Permit, you can easily continue staying on in Canada for up to 3 years even if you don’t have a job in hand as soon as you finish your studies? All you have to do is apply for this post-graduation work permit immediately after you get your final results, preferably within 90 days of getting your results. So there is no need to get stressed about getting a job right away and settling for the first offer that comes your way. You can easily take your time and wait until you get the right offer and then start!

Job opportunities in Canada are abundant for those who have graduated in the healthcare, IT, construction, and automobile fields. However, with the economy developing at a rapid rate and the political system in the country being stable, there are opportunities everywhere.

All you have to do is get the help of a trusted visa consultant like Kanan International who have helped thousands of students get their student visa effortlessly. You will get all the advice you need for student life in Canada for a fresh start!

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