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Statement of purpose is an essay which is often asked for by foreign universities. The word limit is usually of 1000 words. The main aim behind this statement of purpose is to understand why the student is choosing a particular course and what he or she hopes to achieve after studying it.

Benefits of Good SOP

A statement of purpose can be of various types. Some universities ask for a long essay whereas some ask for an essay based on questions. Whatever the type may be, a SOP must include the student’s future goals, his or her academic progress and the career path they have chosen for themselves. Other important things to include are personal motivations behind choosing the particular course and how the student chooses to utilize that education for achieving his or her goals.

A statement of purpose is a vital part of application to foreign universities. It should be tailored according to the course the student is taking. A statement of purpose written for a MSc course has to be different from a statement of purpose written for MS. Similarly, a SOP for Study in Canada should be different from a SOP for Study in USA.

Tips of Writing Statement of Purpose for study abroad

Personal and or financial background

Personal background is a must in the statement of purpose because it is one of the things universities are looking for. If a student has overcome all adversities and continued education despite all odds, then it should be included in the SOP. If a student has proved to be brilliant in studies in spite of financial difficulties, then that too should be included in the statement.

Personal failures

Most students wouldn’t even think of including this in the SOP. But it is in fact a must. The main purpose behind writing about one’s failures is to allow others to understand that the student has bounced back from all those failures.

Work experience

Not all courses ask for job experience. But it is a good idea to include the same in the SOP if the student has any. This can include part time jobs and even voluntary ones. Any job, even if it lasted for only a month, should be included because it was an experience after all.

Extra-curricular activities

This can include anything from participating in sports activities or in college debates. This will help the university with understanding whether the student is a team player and whether he or she has leadership qualities. Extra-curricular activities also highlight how determined the student is to achieve his or her goals.

Published articles or papers

This is extremely important for students who are applying for doctorate or masters programs. Be it a story submitted to a magazine or a research project, it should be included in the statement of purpose. This helps the university with understanding a student’s thought process.

Why we need SOP for Higher Studies

  • SOP helps universities with understanding the student’s decision to take the particular course.
  • This gives them an insight into the student’s academic life and other achievements

Kanan International Provides Students All The Support They Need To Study Abroad

Do you have the passion and ambition to study in best international universities? Do you want to broaden your learning prospects and career opportunities? Are you excited about experiencing different cultures and meeting new people? Kanan International, Gujarat’s leading foreign educational consultants aim to turn your dreams into reality.

We are the pioneers at international education consulting in Gujarat and facilitate our students in full spectrum, beginning from selecting the college/university and the country the student is interested in, prepping for international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, etc, guiding through college and course application process and visa interviews.

To help students realize their dream of studying abroad, a systematic approach is followed by the team of expert counselors at Kanan International.

  1. Choosing the Institute You Wish to Apply to

Once you have made up your mind to study in USA or Canada, the first step is to select the University or College you wish to go to. Your selection needs to be based on your academic profile, study preference, eligibility criteria, financial budget, prerequisite exam results, etc. Choosing the right program also depends on location, scope and job opportunities related to it. Kanan International gives you an insight about every aspect of the desired course and the institute.

  1. Applying in Selected Colleges/Universities

The application process for various programs in international colleges is an enervating and tedious task. It involves complete understanding of the procedures and document guidelines. At Kanan International, we work directly with over 150 universities in USA and over 75 colleges & universities in Canada and therefore can provide you the best guidance for applying in these institutes. Our expert counselors,who have years of experience, facilitate suggestions for document guidelines, admission process, visa interview and other formalities.

  1. Preparing for Entrance Examination

Based on the course one has applied for, a student has to appear for one or more of the international entrance examinations – IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT. Since Kanan International was established with the key objective of providing coaching to students who aspire to study overseas, we provide best coaching services to help students shape their future. We have on board the most talented and qualified teachers who provide the best coaching. Besides, we offer specially curated teaching material, in-house library and computer lab with additional study material, guidance in exam registration and extra grammar& speaking classes. We also organize regular seminars conducted in accordance with American and Canadian Universities to help students understand the international education system better and have all their doubts cleared.

  1. Financial Aid

Studying abroad involves a lot of expenditure in terms of tuition fees, accommodation, food, travel and medical insurance, to say the least. Kanan International guides its students in applying for scholarships where applicable and providing financial aids through student loans.

Through its structured and meticulously planned approach, Kanan International empowers students to break barriers and gives them wings to fly to achieve their dreams of becoming global citizens through international education. Register for our 2-days free Demo classes and learn more about our courses.

Study Abroad in USA or Canada

All You Need To Know As You Plan Your Study Abroad In USA Or Canada! – Kanan International

If you are planning to choose an international destination for higher education you’ll need to do a lot of homework to understand the scenario completely to make an informed decision. North America, including USA and Canada, has for years been the preferred choice of thousands of international students for higher studies. With par-excellence education system that is recognized globally, flexible academic choices to make, world renowned Colleges and Universities that have paramount infrastructure, skilled teachers, and multi-cultural experience, USA and Canada are undoubtedly the most favorable countries amongst international students. Kanan International, Gujarat’s most experienced foreign education consultants, offers the right guidance and support to students interested in studying in USA or Canada.

Admission Eligibility

The admission eligibility for USA and Canada is same, 12 years of schooling for pursuing a undergraduate degree and 16 years of schooling for pursuing post-graduation. Kanan International helps student choose the right course of action, depending on their educational qualification and the discipline the student is interested in for further studies. We also train the students to appear and perform well in exams such as IELTS, TOEFL GRE, and SAT, so as to bag a place in one of the best colleges or universities in USA or Canada.

Student Visa/Application Process

International students have to apply to a university or college that is approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Service to get the visa. The application process can be quite extensive and tedious and requires a lot of research; hence it is better to start well in advance. Kanan International has international collaboration with numerous Colleges and Universities in United States and Canada that works for our students’ benefit. We counsel and guide our students with in-depth and detailed information of the application process and the process of filling in the details on time.

Student Expenses in USA or Canada

When you travel abroad for studying, you have to recreate your home in a new place. Your total expense for education would include your tuition fees, accommodation, food, travel and other medical expenses. Though the tuition fees depends on the college or university you have applied in, the rest fairly depends on the city and the area you live in. Kanan International helps students in finding sources of financial aid, international student loans and scholarships. Our tie-ups with more than 200 Colleges and Universities across USA and Canada, we provide expert suggestion in budget management and loan arrangement.

Kanan International Guides Students for Admission in Universities in USA or Canada

Kanan International thoroughly guides students aspiring for international studies. Beingthe second Indian consultant to have been awarded AIRC Accreditation, we provide all information relevant to Colleges and Universities in USA and Canada. Due to our tie-ups with various colleges, regular seminars of American or Canadian universities are held, wherein a university representative interacts with students answering all their queries.

We provide our students with a checklist of all guidelines and documents required in form filling during application process. We have experienced teachers for preparation of entry level exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, etc and senior counselors all over Gujarat to guide the students regarding application processing, prepping for visa interview, as well as post-visa guidance.

The Best Colleges and Universities in Canada

Study in The Best Colleges and Universities in Canada with Kanan International

Dreams are as big as oceans but not every dream is destined to be fulfilled. The intensity of dreams decides whether extra efforts need to be put to achieve them or not! One such dreams that a larger crowd looks towards is to study or make their career abroad – dream of a settled life!

Not everyone can make this dream come true as there are many big and small things attached with it. But when done under perfect guidance can surely increase your chance of living up your dream. Nowadays, studying in Canada is the new fever developed by the students. With number of good colleges and universities prevalent over here offering good number of courses, students are attracted to get enrolled with their favorite courses in Canada. So, what needs to be done and how can this dream be turned to a reality? Let us know here!

To study in Canada is definitely a dream that can be fulfilled if done under a proper guidance. If you are amongst those who has similar dream, hit on to one and only Kanan International! Kanan International is one of the prominent destinations of Vadodara for those students who are planning to study in Canada!

Having a handful of experience and expertise, Kanan International has developed a large base and has tie ups with the best colleges and universities in Canada. With a proper introductory session with every student, knowing about his requirements, courses that he wants to pursue and all the other attached nitty-gritty, Kanan International helps them out with a list of best colleges and universities of Canada.

The students are free to choose upon the one they think is the best for the course they are planning to pursue. Not only this, Kanan international also ensures that enrolling in the particular university or college in Canada gives the students a waiver on the fees apart from offering a number of services that can make it easier for them to study abroad in a new application environment.

Hence, Kanan International not only helps out with the entire process of sending a student to Canada in the best college or university, but also makes sure to provide a smooth road to them so that their entire stay becomes easy, fruitful and successful!  So, without any doubt, step in to Kanan International and ensure yourself about living your dream in reality very soon!

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