Everything You Need To Know About Studying In The USA

Everything You Need To Know About Studying In The USA

Going to a new country for studying can be a very unnerving experience. It helps to know things beforehand otherwise you might run into awkward situations. A new country, new people and a totally new environment can be a bit daunting at first. But like with everything else, there are ways to work around it.

Before you go for Study in the USA:

  • Check whether you have all the necessary documents
  • Check whether you have cash
  • Check whether you have an international student insurance plan

Get Admission in Colleges in USA

The application process to colleges in the US is different from other countries. Follow the checklist below while applying for a course:

  • What course are you planning on taking? Not all universities offer a program in everything.

  • Do you want to study in Western Coast of the USA? Or do you want to study at the Eastern Coast? Or do you want to go for the very popular New York City? Or would you like to Study in the USA suburban area?

  • Do you have a budget in mind? Like with every country, USA has both expensive and moderately priced universities.

  • Do you want to study a postgraduate course there as well? If yes, then do you want to pursue both graduate and postgraduate courses at the same university?

  • Remember that every university has its own

Once you arrive:


It is possible that as an international student you might be put up at a not-so good housing. You might get stuck with housing at an unpopular location. If you feel this has happened to you, request a transfer immediately.

Make sure that you stay on campus at least for the first semester while you study in the USA. This will help you with getting to know people. For students who don’t have means to get around, campus housing is the ideal choice.

Other options include

Off-campus accommodation (Some universities don’t provide on-campus accommodation)

Home-stays (suitable if you are under eighteen years old)

Get your own transport

America is a huge country and it might get difficult for you to move around without your own transport while you study in the USA. Getting a bicycle (Bike as it is called in the US) is a good idea for getting around. Unlike in India, you need to buy a helmet for riding a bicycle in the US. Most college and university campuses provide a biking track. Remember that Americans drive on the right side.

Way of Life

There are some things which are very “normal” in US but are extremely shocking for Indians. For example, complete strangers might say hello to you and ask you how you are. This is completely normal American behavior. Play along.

Never ask another student about his or her grades. Unlike India, where results are posted in public, grades in the US aren’t publicized.

Do not get shocked if your professor asks you to call them by their name. It is completely normal.

Get as much internships as possible while you study in the USA. This will help you with getting a job after you complete your course.

Studying in The Top Colleges in USA with Kanan International

Realize your Dream of Studying in the Top Colleges in USA with Kanan International

United States hosts more international students than any other nation in the world and the number of international students choosing to study in America rises every year. The students coming from various countries do not just want a degree or a certificate; the aim is to broaden their horizon in terms of education and learning experience.

Why America is the Best International Destination for Higher Education?

USA has one of the world’s best education systems. Students can choose from an array of courses and degrees that are recognized all over the world. Sixteen of the American universities are ranked amongst world’s top twenty universities, which stands to prove that US education system is synonymous with academic excellence as well as enhanced learning experience. American universities have world class infrastructure, highly qualified and experienced faculty and provides fantastic career opportunities to its students.

United States stands to be the best destination for international education due to the following reasons:

  • Academic flexibility: Students in America are allowed to change their major subject after 1 or 2 years. One can also change a university after 2 years of study in America! This phenomenon is quite uncommon in other countries.

  • Long term career prospects: International experience in terms of study or work is becoming a hot-selling commodity. It is often seen that multinational companies show keen interest in recruiting international graduates. As students get opportunities to gain practical and interpersonal experience during their academic stint in the US it boosts their self confidence, independence and cross-cultural skills. These skills brighten their career prospects significantly.

  • Diversified cultural experience: The learning experience in America is as much interesting outside the classroom as it is inside. With students coming from different strata of life, one gets the opportunity to meet new people through different organizations, associations and college forums. The rich variety of academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that American campuses provide adds new dimension to life.

Why Choose Kanan International?

When the goal is to study at one of the best universities in one of the best countries in the world, it is only logical to connect with the best facilitators that can help you achieve that goal.

Kanan International, the leading foreign education consultants in Gujarat, offers guidance and coaching services to the students who aspire to study in the best overseas colleges and universities. Having placed our students across 200 colleges and universities in USA and Canada since 1996, Kanan International is one of the largest, oldest and most experienced international education consultants in Gujarat, and expanding nationwide.

Providing in-depth knowledge and information on various courses, degrees, different test systems catering to students coming from different educational backgrounds, we help in guiding and coaching our students to qualify and get into leading colleges and universities in United States. Be it admission eligibility, study permit regulations, or cost of the entire course and stay, we keep our students well informed to assist them fulfill their dream of international education. Kanan International has collaboration and tie-ups with more than 150 universities in USA that helps students make an informed decision about their future.