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5 Reasons Why Canada Should be Your Go-To Abroad Study Destination-Kanan International

5 Reasons Why Canada Should be Your Go-To Abroad Study Destination

There are a number of students who aspire to study abroad. This is because of the fact of greater scope as well as better prospects in education along with quality education one of the most vital reasons. Now, at this point of time, a number of students tend to get confused as to what should be the ideal go-to abroad study destination. In this situation full of confusion, study abroad in Canada would necessarily be a great option. Even if you are not sure about choosing Canada as your abroad study destination, here are a few of the top reasons as to why Canada should be your go abroad study destination.

Quality Education

Canada offers top quality education for a great future ahead. There are some of the top ranked colleges in Canada which makes it quite clear about the quality for education offered. Moreover, the great resources and modern infrastructure would certainly provide you with everything that is required for imparting quality education.


Another of the main reason as to why you should be opting for Canada as your study abroad destination is the affordability factor. Education in Canada comes at an affordable price for the foreign students as compared to UK or US and hence one of the most preferred go to abroad study destination for a huge number of foreign students. Moreover, scholarships are available to the foreign students which makes it easier to afford for the studies in Canada.


Safety is always a matter of concern to the students as well as their parents when comes the time of going abroad for higher studies. In this case, Canada can necessarily be the ideal study abroad destination since it is completely safe. Moreover, the colleges, universities and other institutions offer safe in campus residential facilities for the foreign students. Thus, safety would not be a problem if you go abroad in Canada for future studies.

Great Scope for Research

If you choose to study in Canada, then there is certainly a huge scope for research. The universities in Canada put a lot of focus on the research and a number of universities of Canada takes pride in making some of the ground breaking discoveries. So, if you choose Canada as your go-to abroad study destination, you can be a part of those great universes and of course the research team as well. Thus, the scope of research is readily enhanced when you plan to study abroad in Canada.

Diversity is Great

When you opt for Canada as the destination to go for higher studies, then you can go into a world of diversity. You can simply embrace a diverse and cosmopolitan environment which would not only be great for your studies but also would expand your horizon thereby an added advantage if you are going to Canada for higher studies.

So, now you are clear about the fact that why you should be necessarily choosing Canada as the study destination abroad.

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Options To Work In Canada After Your Education-Kanan International Vadodara

Options To Work In Canada After Your Education

Opportunities of work after study in Canada are one of the vital reasons to opt for higher studies. The work policies of Canada for international students after they finish their courses are welcoming as they provide the students opportunities after they complete their courses. Canada is one of the most well-known study abroad destinations possessing some of the leading universities in the world. Canada has earned a lot of reputation amongst global students for its student-friendly post-study work visa regulations.

The Post Graduate Work Permit Program

This allows students from international countries who have completed an educational degree to be able to Work in Canada after study. Students from international countries who gain skilled Canadian work experience may also meet the criteria to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) via Canadian experience class.

The maximum time of work permit under the PGWPP is three years. This means that the work permit is not offered for a period longer than the length program of study completed by a candidate. The minimum duration of work after study in Canada offered is eight months. However, candidates who are pursuing courses in Canada that are less than 8 months in duration are not entitled.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to get a permit to work after study in Canada, the candidate has to fulfill definite preconditions. The key criteria which make a candidate suitable for the work permit is minimum study duration of eight months in a Canadian designated learning organization. In addition, the candidate must also fulfill the below mentioned criteria:

  • – Should be minimum 18 years of age when applying
  • – Should pursue a full-time program of study in Canada
  • – Should graduate from a Public post-secondary school
  • – Have a legitimate study permit
  • – Apply for the PGWP within ninety days of completion of the educational program

Moreover, if you come to a decision to work in Canada after or during your studies, knowing the employment options that are available in the Canadian job market can certainly be very important for career choices after graduation. So, if you are looking forward to get a detailed idea about the options to work in Canada after your education, Kanan International is here to help you out in this regard.

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