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Things to consider before you take up a course to study in USA

The number of students going to the USA for educational purposes is increasing every year. The standard and quality of education are excellent in the USA and that is why students prefer to study there. The international students in the universities of the USA are approximately 5% in higher-level education and the numbers are increasing. Moreover, there are a broad range of programs available from which the students can choose.

We are here to help such students who are passionate and eager to go to the USA for their further education. Kanan International helps students who wish to study in the USA. All the important information and tools will be provided to such students. We will give students insights into the cultural, social and economic aspects of studying in the USA.

Every student is different with different capabilities and abilities. There are various courses available to study. Hence, students should keep in mind a few important points before considering a course to study in the USA:

First of all, you should be able to consider carefully the factors that are going to be important in your future. For example, what you want to do in the future and what kind of lifestyle do you want.

– Once you are done with what you want, you can decide the course according to your skill set and interest.

– You should always keep in mind that choosing a course that you are not interested in might cause a negative effect while you’re studying in the USA.

– Students are expected to select a course at the undergraduate and graduate level similar to what they have studied in the 10+2 level in India.

– Students are suggested to have a look at the fees of the courses too. Although student education loans and scholarships are available, still it is important to have a look at fees and decide accordingly.

– Before selecting a course, it is advisable to search for colleges that are offering that course. It will give you an idea about colleges and other related courses too.

– It might not be enough if you just select a course that is not having any scope in the future. You should analyse the scope of your course in the USA and if there is a demand for professionals from your course.

– You should also consider whether your course will help get you a job that will aid you in getting a permanent residence in the USA.

There are plenty of things other than these important points to consider before you take up a course to study in the USA. To get more insights and information about studying in the USA you can always come meet our experienced and expert counselors in person.

The reason so many students prefer the USA for further studies is that, out of 20 top universities in the world, 13 are in the USA itself. Kanan International guides and directs the students to achieve their dreams of studying in the USA. We provide coaching classes for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT. We help students from the beginning of their student visa process to the very end. Kanan International is the most experienced foreign education consultant in Gujarat.

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How Kanan international can help?

If you are looking for student visa agent in Vadodara or if you want a consultant for USA Student visa, then Kanan International is the right place to be in. It is a professional Foreign Education Consultancy based in Vadodara, with two decades of experience in Visa Consultancy and diverse international exams for instance GRE, IELTS, SAT and TOEFL-iBT so as to necessarily help all students intending to study abroad after clearing Plus 2.

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Step By Step Guide For Students Applying For US Visa-Kanan International-Vadodara

Step By Step Guide For Students Applying For US Visa

Planning to apply for a student visa in your dream country – The United States of America? Confused how to go about it? Kanan International is a leading foreign education consultant.

Our step by step guide will help you to clear all your doubts in a hassle free way!    

The United States Government provides three types of Visas –  

1. F1 Student Visa is required for students who wish to study in an accredited university or who wish to study English at an English language institute.

2. J Exchange Visa is provided for participation in an exchange program which includes both high school and university study.

3. M Student Visa is provided for students who wish to pursue a non-academic or vocational study in US.

First and foremost, students are supposed to apply in a school or university that is certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program. After which the applicant receives a form – Form I-20. Form I-20 is Certificate for Eligibility for Non immigrant student status.

How to apply for F1 Student Visa?

There are three major steps –

  1. 1. The applicant will have to pay SEVIS fee after which he/she receives Form I-20 from the designated school or college. The applicant must duly fill the form and carry it for the F1 interview.
  2. 2. The applicant than have to pay the Visa fee at the designated bank and collect the Visa form. He/She after filling the form must carry it for the interview.
  3. 3. The applicant is sup1.posed to schedule an interview with the US Embassy of India. Once the interview is cleared by the applicant, he/she receives it 120 days before the starting date of your course of study.

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Which documents are required for Visa ?

The following are required for application of US Student Visa

  1. 1. A valid passport that is valid for six months beyond the applicant’s period of stay.
  2. 2. Non immigrant visa application
  3. 3. Printed copy of Form DS-160 (Online Application Form)
  4. 4. Acceptance by SEVP approved school and university and I-20 Form
  5. 5. Application Fee Payment for Student Exchange and Visitor Information System
  6. 6. Score sheet of exams like IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT
  7. 7. Academic documents diplomas, degrees, certificates
  8. 8. Passport size photo and ID Proof

Additional Documents required –

  1. 1. Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to pay off living expenses. Documents like financial statements
  2. 2. Financial undertaking taken by the sponsor to cover all accommodation expenses and scholarship program.

How Kanan International Can help?

Kanan International is a leading USA Visa Consultant In Vadodara. We with our experience and hard work are the second consultant in India to be awarded AIRC ( American International Recruitment Council) accreditation.

  • – We provide all the relevant information regarding all the leading Universities and colleges in the USA.
  • – Being senior counselors across Gujarat we guide all the budding aspirants about the document guidelines, process of application and visa procedure for student US visa.  
  • – Post-Visa Procedure guidance after the student receives his visa
  • – In-depth preparation for visa interview for the students
  • – A proper checklist of all documents and guidelines for proper form filing procedure
  • – Expert coaching by experienced faculty for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and GRE.