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How to Select the Best College for International Students in USA?

The United States has become a hot destination for higher studies. The quality of education and the best infrastructure make the colleges in the USA immensely popular among foreign students. There are more than 3000 universities and colleges in the US and the options they offer can be described as limitless.

How to select the best college for international students in USA? Since there are plenty of options available, selecting the most suitable one can be a difficult task. You should have clear cut idea about your priorities and an informed decision must be taken after carefully analyzing all the possibilities available.

Consider your long term career goals and look for maximum exposure

Research is the key to identify the best college in the USA. You must carefully consider all your potential choices and it is always advisable to start the selection process around 12 to 18 months prior to starting your studies. You are going for an expensive higher study with the intention of pursuing a rewarding career. The international exposure you get is truly priceless and you need to choose a college that offers excellent career support. Prestigious colleges offer work placement programs and internships in America and, these types of opportunities allow you to build a career that is highly fruitful and rewarding as well. Getting associated with the American workforce is definitely going to make you better equipped and you must choose a college or university that offers maximum exposure because it takes care of your long term career goals in the best possible way.

Focus on the budget and invest judiciously

Finally, you have decided to spend some serious money to study in the USA. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that you are getting admission in the best college that meets your study objectives and budget. Since there are several financial institutions offering loans, you do not have to worry too much about the budget. The return on investment is a very critical factor. Reputed schools offer a wide variety of courses to meet the varying requirements of different students and you must find such a college to make your studies highly fruitful. Whenever you spend money, you should spend it judiciously. This is a well known fact and it applies to choosing a college in the USA. There are different types of scholarship programs and they are not confined to the best students only. Leading colleges provide scholarships to a large number of students and these scholarship programs offer the much needed support while you are studying in the USA.

Analyze the rankings of the colleges and student experience

Online searches make you familiarize with all details about the ranking of the colleges in a detailed manner. Several magazines and authentic agencies rank the colleges on the basis of the quality of the education and infrastructure and, rankings are also given to the specific program offered by a college. You must go through these details to identify the best college in the US. Moreover, internet offers details about the accreditation and affiliation of the US colleges. The student experience is another important aspect that you must look into. Top colleges allow you to take memberships in different types of clubs and student organizations to widen the horizon of your knowledge and they also offer opportunities to develop your interpersonal skills. You must consider all these aspects while choosing a college in the USA.

Seek the help of a reputed educational consultant

Hiring an educational consultant is the most feasible way of identifying the best college in the US. Top consultants are really aware of the intricacies involved with securing an admission in a US college and they guide the student properly to make the admission process thoroughly uncomplicated. Reliable agencies not only help students identify the best college but also assist in processing the study visa to materialize the dream of studying in a prestigious college in the United States of America. They offer the most accurate information and best guidance for the students and, their immense experience in educational consultancy always helps them take the best decisions for their clients.

You have to consider all these aspects while selecting a college in the US. It is always advisable to conduct your own research before approaching a consultant and this approach helps you form better idea about the top colleges. Once you are familiar with your own needs, you can seek the help of a trustworthy educational consultant to arrive at the best decision regarding your studies abroad.

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Study-in-Canada - Kanan-Internationa

Selecting from SPP or Non SPP Colleges & Universities in Canada

What is SPP Program?

The SPP or the Student partners program is a joint initiative between ‘Association of Canadian Community Colleges’ (ACCC) and ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s’ visa offices in India.

Students who wish to apply for the program are required to contact participating colleges and universities for more information.

The Following Are The Advantages Of Applying To The SPP Program

  1. Visa is processed faster
  2. Quality of education is assured
  3. Much less documents are needed for visa application
  4. Students have the option of working after completing studying


The Following Are The Two Deadlines For Applying To The SPP Program

  1. 1st December for intake in January
  2. 1st August for intake in September

Eligibility Criteria For Applying To The SPP Program

  1. Minimum IELTS score of 6.0 overall. No band should have a score of less than 5.5
  2. Minimum 50% marks in XII exams
  3. Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is required for 1 year PG diploma course. No band should have a score of less than 6.0
  4. Minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is required for 2 or 3 years PG Diploma. No band should have a score of less than 5.5
  5. Credit card is a must for paying application fees to universities or colleges
  6. Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or 7.0 is required for health related diplomas or programs
  7. Visa fee of $150 is required
  8. Proof of paying tuition fees for all courses is required
  9. Proof of funds for living expenses required for all courses is required
  10. Guaranteed investment certificate of $10,000 required for all courses
  11. Medical tests to be conducted only by approved panel of doctors

Now, let us come to non SPP Program

The non SPP program is like applying to any foreign university. The student has to go through the usual process of application procedure, obtaining visa, showing documents etc.

The main difference between non SPP and SPP is the number of documents required for proving the financial status of students. The visa application of non SPP program also takes more time. All colleges in the SPP program also take applications through the non SPP program.

Documents needed for applying for Non-SPP Visa Application

  • Letter of acceptance from the university or college
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.0 for all UG courses
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 for all PG courses
  • 12th mark sheets for all UG courses
  • Minimum 50% marks in bachelors degree required for PG courses
  • Proof of work experience required for all courses
  • Proof of paying tuition fees for all courses
  • Proof of funds for living expenses required for all courses
  • IT return documents of form 16 required of either the student’s sponsor or of the student
  • Medical test reports conducted by approved panel of doctors
  • Finally, a visa fee of $150 is required

Benefits of SPP over non SPP program

  1. Visa is processed within five days
  2. Student has to show much less documents
  3. Quality of institution is guaranteed
  4. Post-study work option is available for all students
Procedure Explained to Study in USA - Kanan International

Procedure Explained to Study in USA

Going to study in foreign countries needs a lot of paperwork as well as time. Other things required are meticulous research and patience. The latter is needed because a student might need to apply to many universities for getting selected in one. Following is a step by step guide on how to Study in USA.

1. Researching about the options

Post secondary education in the USA is of six types: bachelor, master, research doctorate, advanced intermediate, associate and first-professional.

In order to know more, a student needs to find an “educational advice center”. Generally these centers assist students with finding courses, applying to universities and also with visa procedures.

The student can also compare colleges by their location and courses offered. The following link might be helpful for doing the same:

College Navigator

The student also needs to make sure that the college or university he or she is applying to is a SEVP certified one. The SEVP refers to Student exchange and visitor program.

2. The next step is to think about how to finance study in USA.

The American government doesn’t offer any type of loan or grants to international students. Any student going to the US has to be either self sufficient or apply to their own (local) college or university for funding.

A student can also do the following:

He or she may contact the international students’ office of their college or university. Many of them are known to assist students financially.

Grants and scholarships in the US are mostly provided by private non-profit organizations and foundations. A student can search for the same at the following link:

U.S. government’s free online scholarship search tool

Exchange programs like the Fulbright program offer financial assistance for Study in USA to international students.

Fulbright Program

Other exchange programs

3. Completing the application:

All universities and colleges in the US have their own requirements when it comes to admission. This includes tests as well. A student needs to follow all the requirements for being eligible.

Like most countries, the US doesn’t have a single body or authority for verifying foreign academic credentials. All institutions and state licensing boards do it by themselves.

Foreign Diploma and Credit Recognition

Students wanting to study in USA are required to partake in tests conducted by third parties while applying to US institutions. Following is a link with more details about the same:

Standardized Tests

TOEFL – Most US institutions rely on the TOEFL to test an international student’s proficiency over the English language.

4. Finally, the VISA

After all the application procedure is over and the student is finally accepted, the visa procedures come in. A student must be accepted by an SEVP certified US institution before he or she can apply for one.

More info about US student visas can be found at the following link:

Student Visas

5. Time for departure for study in USA 

It helps to know how the country’s systems work even before the student gets there. For example, it helps to know whether a student can work while studying there or whether he or she needs to pay taxes. Following are few useful links for learning more:

How to Navigate the U.S. Immigration System – provides information about arriving, staying and departing from the US.

Working While You Study in the U.S. –  Information for students wanting to work and study in USA.

IELTS Coaching - Kanan International

Score well in IELTS with the Best Coaching from Kanan International Vadodara

What is IELTS?

IELTS is short for the International English Language Testing System. It is the world’s most popular test for assessing one’s proficiency in the English language. It is conducted for studying or working abroad and for migration purposes.

IELTS is recognized in 135 countries in the world and at 9000 colleges, universities, employers, governments and associations.

IELTS is of two types, Academic and General. IELTS Academic is for those wanting to pursue higher education in foreign countries.

Understanding IELTS Examination Format

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading

The Listening, writing and reading tests are all conducted on the same day whereas the speaking test may be conducted a week before or after all the other tests. It all depends on the test centre. The total time taken for all the tests is less than three hours.

IELTS Academic Speaking Test 11 to 14 minutes

The speaking test consists of a discussion on a topic which is familiar to the candidate. It is a face to face interview which is conducted for 11 to 14 minutes

Reading 60 minutes

The reading test comprises of reading 3 long texts taken from various sources like books and journals.

Listening 40 minutes

The listening test has four sections comprising of 10 questions each. The first two sections is all about social contexts. The last two are about training and educational contexts.

Writing 60 minutes

The writing test comprises of writing an essay or describing a chart, table or diagram. The writing needs to be in formal style. The word limit for the table/diagram/chart is 150 words and for the essay it is 250 words.

Understanding IELTS Scores

Each student is given a score from 1 to 9 (1 denoting the poorest) for each section of IELTS. The average of all the four scores is the student’s final score. A student can score either whole marks (5,7,8,9) or half marks (5.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5) in each section of the test.

IELTS Preparation

It can be quite difficult to crack the exam without IELTS coaching.

For students in Vadodara, Kanan International offers one of the best IELTS coaching classes in Vadodara.

 Infrastructure at Kanan International (In-house)

  • Laptops and Software for every student
  • Air Conditioned Study Rooms
  • Kanan International Library and Exhaustive Study Material
  • Online Support for Video Lectures and Practice Material
  • Best Books Available for IELTS Preparation


And that is not all. Kanan international ensures that every student has access to the best coaching. Their class sizes are kept small so that all students are able to assimilate the subject being taught.


Why to take IELTS Preparation & Coaching from Kanan International?

  • Student Focus
  • Small Batches  to ensure individual attention
  • Faculty with Specialization in IELTS Test Preparation
  • High Scores
  • Proven Result
  • Admission in to Top Universities and Colleges
  • Institutional Partnership (Kanan International is one of the highest recruiters of students for foreign universities)

The British Council conducts “English for IELTS” course in the following three cities:

  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • New Delhi

For more information, please see

Work as You Study in USA

Most international students who Study in USA are allowed to work. However, because they are given visa for studying purposes only, there are certain restrictions. In spite of the restrictions, it is very much possible for students to find decent work in the USA.

F1 student visa is given to students who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Are pursuing a full-time degree, diploma or a certificate
  • Are enrolled at a high school, college or university
  • Are enrolled for a language training program or at a seminary
  • Have enough funds to cover their study in USA

F1 students wanting to work in the USA have to keep the following in mind:

  • A DSO or designated school official has to verify and approve the job.
  • Students can work for only 20 hours in a week. They can work for 40 hours during holidays.
  • All international students who study in USA need to apply for a Social Security Number(SSN) before joining a job.
  • First year students are only allowed to do on-campus jobs.
  • Their employment shouldn’t take away the job from an American student.
  • A student is allowed to work “off campus” if their workplace is affiliated or related to their school/college.
  • Off-campus employment isn’t allowed unless the DSO or the designated school official authorizes the same for the student. In order to work off-campus, the student has to go through extreme financial hardship because of situations which aren’t in his control. For example, a sudden increase in tuition fees or devaluation of the student’s home currency.
  • Other types of off-campus employment are as follows. (Only for second and third-year students).

Optional practical Training or OPT –OPT is a student getting a job which is related to his field of study. It can be done while studying or after obtaining the degree. A student can pursue OPT for a year.

Curricular Practical Training – This is an internship which a student has to do for completing their study in USA.

OPT extension through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) 

Any student pursuing a degree in any of these four subjects, can go for additional OPT (17 months).

In order to join either OPT, OPT extension through STEM or CPT, students have to apply for a “Employment Authorization Document” at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Types of “work as you study” jobs available for students are as follows:

  • Research Assistant for a professor of the college/university
  • Teaching assistant for a professor of the college/university
  • Staff positions in university bookstores, libraries or cafeterias
  • Staff positions in dormitories and administrative departments
  • Staff positions in student affairs office or international students office
  • Technician jobs in computer labs
  • Working for a firm which provides services to students of the college/university(on-site)

M1 student visa is given to students who qualify for the following:

  • Are pursuing full-time (18 hours) vocational studies.
  • Are enrolled at a flight school or technical or mechanical studies.
  • Are taking cooking classes.
  • The period of their study in USA is from six months to a year.
  • Can prove that they have enough funds to cover their studies and their stay.

Students with M1 visas aren’t allowed to do jobs while they are still studying.

Everything You Need To Know About Studying In The USA

Everything You Need To Know About Studying In The USA

Going to a new country for studying can be a very unnerving experience. It helps to know things beforehand otherwise you might run into awkward situations. A new country, new people and a totally new environment can be a bit daunting at first. But like with everything else, there are ways to work around it.

Before you go for Study in the USA:

  • Check whether you have all the necessary documents
  • Check whether you have cash
  • Check whether you have an international student insurance plan

Get Admission in Colleges in USA

The application process to colleges in the US is different from other countries. Follow the checklist below while applying for a course:

  • What course are you planning on taking? Not all universities offer a program in everything.

  • Do you want to study in Western Coast of the USA? Or do you want to study at the Eastern Coast? Or do you want to go for the very popular New York City? Or would you like to Study in the USA suburban area?

  • Do you have a budget in mind? Like with every country, USA has both expensive and moderately priced universities.

  • Do you want to study a postgraduate course there as well? If yes, then do you want to pursue both graduate and postgraduate courses at the same university?

  • Remember that every university has its own

Once you arrive:


It is possible that as an international student you might be put up at a not-so good housing. You might get stuck with housing at an unpopular location. If you feel this has happened to you, request a transfer immediately.

Make sure that you stay on campus at least for the first semester while you study in the USA. This will help you with getting to know people. For students who don’t have means to get around, campus housing is the ideal choice.

Other options include

Off-campus accommodation (Some universities don’t provide on-campus accommodation)

Home-stays (suitable if you are under eighteen years old)

Get your own transport

America is a huge country and it might get difficult for you to move around without your own transport while you study in the USA. Getting a bicycle (Bike as it is called in the US) is a good idea for getting around. Unlike in India, you need to buy a helmet for riding a bicycle in the US. Most college and university campuses provide a biking track. Remember that Americans drive on the right side.

Way of Life

There are some things which are very “normal” in US but are extremely shocking for Indians. For example, complete strangers might say hello to you and ask you how you are. This is completely normal American behavior. Play along.

Never ask another student about his or her grades. Unlike India, where results are posted in public, grades in the US aren’t publicized.

Do not get shocked if your professor asks you to call them by their name. It is completely normal.

Get as much internships as possible while you study in the USA. This will help you with getting a job after you complete your course.

President Trump and His Impact – If You Are Planning To Study in USA

President Trump and His Impact – If You Are Planning To Study in USA

Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidential Win on Indian International Students

With numerous academic courses to choose from – science, architecture, medicine, arts, engineering, etc., world class institutions providing superior facilities and amenities, United States of America has always been a numero uno choice of Indian studies aspiring for higher education study abroad. But, the recent US presidential elections have put many aspiring student’s future prospects at risk. With Donald Trump being the president-elect, there are concerns and worries amongst prospective students about their stay and future in America. However, students need not worry as Donald Trump has categorically stated that Indian students are ‘smart people’ and the US very much needs them for the development of their country.

Study in USA

First things first, anyone staying, studying and working in America legally, with valid permits and VISA should be absolutely confident, without any fear. The students who have gone to study in USA with a valid VISA can stay there until the course completes. International students on an F1 visa have a 60 days extension to stay in US on completion of the said course, if they haven’t enrolled in additional course or classes. If an international student with USA Student VISA withdraws from the course with authorization from the institute, he has 15 days to leave the country.

For students who want to apply for USA student VISA, though Trump has mentioned altering immigration laws during his campaign, he has been open to international students working in America. Last year, he mentioned on his social media that he welcomes talented people in his country, to work hard and become citizens.

Trump has particularly emphasized on banning immigrants from the countries that are known to support or promote terrorism, or linked with the same, with his only focus to terminate the malice of terrorism from his country. India has been known to be a victim of terrorism and not otherwise, hence, there shouldn’t be a problem with America not letting legitimate Indian students to study there under valid permits.

How Can Kanan International Help Its Students in Achieving Their Dream of Studying in USA?

Since last 20 years, Kanan International is pioneering in overseas education, assisting thousands of students every year to widen their horizons by studying abroad.

  • With the United States being our niche area, we provide our students immaculately precise information on all the universities and colleges that are registered and approved by the government.

  • We have our counselors available at all centers to guide you regarding documentation, VISA application procedures and processing for USA Student Visa.

  • Kanan International has qualified trainers who assist their students in preparing for USA Visa

  • Once the student obtains USA Visa, we provide guidance with post-visa procedures.

Given the circumstances, study in USA is still a favorable opportunity. Kanan International ascertains to give wings to your dreams.

For more information about Study in USA Click Here to Enquire Now .

Top Study Destinations for Indian Students

Studying overseas is a life changing experience for a college student. The worldly exposure, interacting with people of different cultures, and infinite work and living opportunities are some of the advantages of studying abroad.

There are dozens of countries considered to be good destinations for international studies; however, according to the study and research done over years by Kanan International, the following countries are the best five destinations for Indian students interested in pursuing education abroad.

  1. USA

Getting a USA student visa is undoubtedly a dream for most of the Indian students. The U.S. is the avant-garde in the education and technology, with its education system being renowned and accepted worldwide. Off lately, the U.S. has become a hub for hundreds of thousands of intellectual, aspiring and ambitious students throughout the world, seeking better educational and work opportunities. To study in USA is the first choice for Indian students when applying for higher education because of the following reasons:

  • USA is home to most of the world’s top ranking colleges
  • Exceptional educational infrastructure
  • Leading edge technology
  • Extensive options of educational programs with flexible curriculum
  • Pervasive support for international students
  1. Canada

Ranked by United Nations as one of the best places to live, Canada is an ideal choice for students looking for better future prospects. This multicultural and indigenously diverse nation is accepting towards immigrants, making it easy to get Canadian Visa. Canada invites 250,000 to 300,000 global students every year to study in Canada giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, work and settle there.

Find out below why studying in Canada is a great choice:

  • Canada boasts of top class educational institutions for degree as well as diploma in professional and technical courses that are internationally recognized.
  • Canada has lowest fees structure internationally, with tuition fees as low as CAD $13,000 to $15,000 annually.
  • Maximum universities and colleges in Canada are funded by Government to ensure they impart quality education.
  • The Student Partners Program (SPP) gives work permit to students who have Canada Student Visa for up to 3 years. After two years of study, students can file for Permanent Residency.
  1. United Kingdom

The Gateway to Europe, United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for international education. This culturally diverse and multi-ethnic nation is welcoming to students across the globe. With its institutions and degrees recognized globally, once you study in UK, you can work in any part of the world. Whatever line of education or professional course you might be interested in, UK has various graduate and undergraduate courses to choose from to suit your requirements.

  1. Australia

Australia is another popular destination when it comes to international studies for Indian students. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of its quality of life, high standard of living, exceptional education system, and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Singapore

A swiftly developing economy, Singapore is an emerging destination for international education. Singapore is a hub for educational excellence, and hence, a perfect place to experience global education. This multicultural nation has stable economy and a vibrant lifestyle located in the heart of Asia, providing better accessibility for Indian students.

Whatever be your dream destination for higher studies, you can trust Kanan International to provide you the right guidance for preparing for entrance exams, applying visa and choosing the right course and college. We have the expertise for foreign education consulting and have helped thousands of students’ purse higher education in USA, Canada and several other countries.

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Studying in The Top Colleges in USA with Kanan International

Realize your Dream of Studying in the Top Colleges in USA with Kanan International

United States hosts more international students than any other nation in the world and the number of international students choosing to study in America rises every year. The students coming from various countries do not just want a degree or a certificate; the aim is to broaden their horizon in terms of education and learning experience.

Why America is the Best International Destination for Higher Education?

USA has one of the world’s best education systems. Students can choose from an array of courses and degrees that are recognized all over the world. Sixteen of the American universities are ranked amongst world’s top twenty universities, which stands to prove that US education system is synonymous with academic excellence as well as enhanced learning experience. American universities have world class infrastructure, highly qualified and experienced faculty and provides fantastic career opportunities to its students.

United States stands to be the best destination for international education due to the following reasons:

  • Academic flexibility: Students in America are allowed to change their major subject after 1 or 2 years. One can also change a university after 2 years of study in America! This phenomenon is quite uncommon in other countries.

  • Long term career prospects: International experience in terms of study or work is becoming a hot-selling commodity. It is often seen that multinational companies show keen interest in recruiting international graduates. As students get opportunities to gain practical and interpersonal experience during their academic stint in the US it boosts their self confidence, independence and cross-cultural skills. These skills brighten their career prospects significantly.

  • Diversified cultural experience: The learning experience in America is as much interesting outside the classroom as it is inside. With students coming from different strata of life, one gets the opportunity to meet new people through different organizations, associations and college forums. The rich variety of academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that American campuses provide adds new dimension to life.

Why Choose Kanan International?

When the goal is to study at one of the best universities in one of the best countries in the world, it is only logical to connect with the best facilitators that can help you achieve that goal.

Kanan International, the leading foreign education consultants in Gujarat, offers guidance and coaching services to the students who aspire to study in the best overseas colleges and universities. Having placed our students across 200 colleges and universities in USA and Canada since 1996, Kanan International is one of the largest, oldest and most experienced international education consultants in Gujarat, and expanding nationwide.

Providing in-depth knowledge and information on various courses, degrees, different test systems catering to students coming from different educational backgrounds, we help in guiding and coaching our students to qualify and get into leading colleges and universities in United States. Be it admission eligibility, study permit regulations, or cost of the entire course and stay, we keep our students well informed to assist them fulfill their dream of international education. Kanan International has collaboration and tie-ups with more than 150 universities in USA that helps students make an informed decision about their future.

Study Abroad in USA or Canada

All You Need To Know As You Plan Your Study Abroad In USA Or Canada! – Kanan International

If you are planning to choose an international destination for higher education you’ll need to do a lot of homework to understand the scenario completely to make an informed decision. North America, including USA and Canada, has for years been the preferred choice of thousands of international students for higher studies. With par-excellence education system that is recognized globally, flexible academic choices to make, world renowned Colleges and Universities that have paramount infrastructure, skilled teachers, and multi-cultural experience, USA and Canada are undoubtedly the most favorable countries amongst international students. Kanan International, Gujarat’s most experienced foreign education consultants, offers the right guidance and support to students interested in studying in USA or Canada.

Admission Eligibility

The admission eligibility for USA and Canada is same, 12 years of schooling for pursuing a undergraduate degree and 16 years of schooling for pursuing post-graduation. Kanan International helps student choose the right course of action, depending on their educational qualification and the discipline the student is interested in for further studies. We also train the students to appear and perform well in exams such as IELTS, TOEFL GRE, and SAT, so as to bag a place in one of the best colleges or universities in USA or Canada.

Student Visa/Application Process

International students have to apply to a university or college that is approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Service to get the visa. The application process can be quite extensive and tedious and requires a lot of research; hence it is better to start well in advance. Kanan International has international collaboration with numerous Colleges and Universities in United States and Canada that works for our students’ benefit. We counsel and guide our students with in-depth and detailed information of the application process and the process of filling in the details on time.

Student Expenses in USA or Canada

When you travel abroad for studying, you have to recreate your home in a new place. Your total expense for education would include your tuition fees, accommodation, food, travel and other medical expenses. Though the tuition fees depends on the college or university you have applied in, the rest fairly depends on the city and the area you live in. Kanan International helps students in finding sources of financial aid, international student loans and scholarships. Our tie-ups with more than 200 Colleges and Universities across USA and Canada, we provide expert suggestion in budget management and loan arrangement.

Kanan International Guides Students for Admission in Universities in USA or Canada

Kanan International thoroughly guides students aspiring for international studies. Beingthe second Indian consultant to have been awarded AIRC Accreditation, we provide all information relevant to Colleges and Universities in USA and Canada. Due to our tie-ups with various colleges, regular seminars of American or Canadian universities are held, wherein a university representative interacts with students answering all their queries.

We provide our students with a checklist of all guidelines and documents required in form filling during application process. We have experienced teachers for preparation of entry level exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, etc and senior counselors all over Gujarat to guide the students regarding application processing, prepping for visa interview, as well as post-visa guidance.