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Student Visa Requirements for Canada

Canada a top destination for international students

The student data of 2018 released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals that Canada remains the top destination for international students. Canada has soon earned the title of becoming a global leader in international student recruitment.

Canada is a complete student destination not just for 2019 but for the coming years as well!

IRCC’s report also reveals that the number of international students who wish to study in Canada has shown an increasing trend in the last five years.

Why study in Canada?

  1. 1. Successful Career – International students enjoy a successful career after graduating from Canadian institutions.
  2. 2. Lower Tuition Fees – Studying in Canada gives you the benefit of lower tuition expenses, living expenses and other fees.
  3. 3. Citizenship Application – Canada gives permanent residency options for all international students.
  4. 4. Work Part-time – Students are allowed to work part-time on campus for 6 months. Students can earn while studying by working at different reputable workplaces of their choice.
  5. 5. Permanent Residency – Canada has been rated as the best place to live by the United Nations since the past 9 consecutive years.
  6. 6. Quik Turnaround – Canadian universities and colleges have a quick application turn around.

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How to apply for Student Visa in Canada

How to apply for Student Visa in Canada?

An Indian student who wishes to study in Canada will have to obtain a study permit or temporary resident visa (TRV).

A study permit is considered an important document that allows you to study in Canada. Along with a study permit, the student must have a temporary resident visa which allows him/her to enter the country. For more information and in-depth details, you can contact Kanan International. Our experts will guide in the best possible way.

Documents required:

  • – Acceptance letter from your education institute
  • – Valid Passport

Financially sound: You are also required to prove that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses and can arrange for your return transportation.

Law abiding citizen: You are required to prove and assure them to be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. (You may be asked to provide a police certificate)

Good Health: You may be required to provide a medical certificate to prove that you are in good health.

Personal Interview: After all of the above requirements are matched, you are required to appear for a personal interview at the Canadian Embassy.

English Proficiency: To get a Canadian Visa you’ll have to be proficient in the English language. The students are required to clear that English language test to be able to prove their communication and correspondence skills.

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is recognized by more than 10000 organizations. Right from Educational institutions, professional associations to government consider this test as a high stakes English Test for international study, migration and work.

How Kanan International helps

We have sent our students to the best Canadian educational Institutions through the Student Partners Program (SPP), created to streamline the admission process of students aspiring to study and settle down in Canada. Read more:

We provide thorough assistance throughout the application and admissions process.

  • – We help you shortlist the best colleges and universities.
  • – We create a strong application that virtually guarantees admission in your preferred colleges.
  • – We help arrange the required finances.

Apply for Student Visa for Canada-Kanan InternationalKanan International is a top Canada immigration consultant in Vadodara. We are one of the oldest, largest and most experienced foreign education consultants in Gujarat, with a prominent pan-India presence.

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Step By Step Guide For Students Applying For US Visa-Kanan International-Vadodara

Step By Step Guide For Students Applying For US Visa

Planning to apply for a student visa in your dream country – The United States of America? Confused how to go about it? Kanan International is a leading foreign education consultant.

Our step by step guide will help you to clear all your doubts in a hassle free way!    

The United States Government provides three types of Visas –  

1. F1 Student Visa is required for students who wish to study in an accredited university or who wish to study English at an English language institute.

2. J Exchange Visa is provided for participation in an exchange program which includes both high school and university study.

3. M Student Visa is provided for students who wish to pursue a non-academic or vocational study in US.

First and foremost, students are supposed to apply in a school or university that is certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program. After which the applicant receives a form – Form I-20. Form I-20 is Certificate for Eligibility for Non immigrant student status.

How to apply for F1 Student Visa?

There are three major steps –

  1. 1. The applicant will have to pay SEVIS fee after which he/she receives Form I-20 from the designated school or college. The applicant must duly fill the form and carry it for the F1 interview.
  2. 2. The applicant than have to pay the Visa fee at the designated bank and collect the Visa form. He/She after filling the form must carry it for the interview.
  3. 3. The applicant is sup1.posed to schedule an interview with the US Embassy of India. Once the interview is cleared by the applicant, he/she receives it 120 days before the starting date of your course of study.

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Which documents are required for Visa ?

The following are required for application of US Student Visa

  1. 1. A valid passport that is valid for six months beyond the applicant’s period of stay.
  2. 2. Non immigrant visa application
  3. 3. Printed copy of Form DS-160 (Online Application Form)
  4. 4. Acceptance by SEVP approved school and university and I-20 Form
  5. 5. Application Fee Payment for Student Exchange and Visitor Information System
  6. 6. Score sheet of exams like IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT
  7. 7. Academic documents diplomas, degrees, certificates
  8. 8. Passport size photo and ID Proof

Additional Documents required –

  1. 1. Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to pay off living expenses. Documents like financial statements
  2. 2. Financial undertaking taken by the sponsor to cover all accommodation expenses and scholarship program.

How Kanan International Can help?

Kanan International is a leading USA Visa Consultant In Vadodara. We with our experience and hard work are the second consultant in India to be awarded AIRC ( American International Recruitment Council) accreditation.

  • – We provide all the relevant information regarding all the leading Universities and colleges in the USA.
  • – Being senior counselors across Gujarat we guide all the budding aspirants about the document guidelines, process of application and visa procedure for student US visa.  
  • – Post-Visa Procedure guidance after the student receives his visa
  • – In-depth preparation for visa interview for the students
  • – A proper checklist of all documents and guidelines for proper form filing procedure
  • – Expert coaching by experienced faculty for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and GRE.
5 Reasons Why Canada Should be Your Go-To Abroad Study Destination-Kanan International

5 Reasons Why Canada Should be Your Go-To Abroad Study Destination

There are a number of students who aspire to study abroad. This is because of the fact of greater scope as well as better prospects in education along with quality education one of the most vital reasons. Now, at this point of time, a number of students tend to get confused as to what should be the ideal go-to abroad study destination. In this situation full of confusion, study abroad in Canada would necessarily be a great option. Even if you are not sure about choosing Canada as your abroad study destination, here are a few of the top reasons as to why Canada should be your go abroad study destination.

Quality Education

Canada offers top quality education for a great future ahead. There are some of the top ranked colleges in Canada which makes it quite clear about the quality for education offered. Moreover, the great resources and modern infrastructure would certainly provide you with everything that is required for imparting quality education.


Another of the main reason as to why you should be opting for Canada as your study abroad destination is the affordability factor. Education in Canada comes at an affordable price for the foreign students as compared to UK or US and hence one of the most preferred go to abroad study destination for a huge number of foreign students. Moreover, scholarships are available to the foreign students which makes it easier to afford for the studies in Canada.


Safety is always a matter of concern to the students as well as their parents when comes the time of going abroad for higher studies. In this case, Canada can necessarily be the ideal study abroad destination since it is completely safe. Moreover, the colleges, universities and other institutions offer safe in campus residential facilities for the foreign students. Thus, safety would not be a problem if you go abroad in Canada for future studies.

Great Scope for Research

If you choose to study in Canada, then there is certainly a huge scope for research. The universities in Canada put a lot of focus on the research and a number of universities of Canada takes pride in making some of the ground breaking discoveries. So, if you choose Canada as your go-to abroad study destination, you can be a part of those great universes and of course the research team as well. Thus, the scope of research is readily enhanced when you plan to study abroad in Canada.

Diversity is Great

When you opt for Canada as the destination to go for higher studies, then you can go into a world of diversity. You can simply embrace a diverse and cosmopolitan environment which would not only be great for your studies but also would expand your horizon thereby an added advantage if you are going to Canada for higher studies.

So, now you are clear about the fact that why you should be necessarily choosing Canada as the study destination abroad.

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How To Prepare For A F1 Student Visa Interview-Kanan International Vadodara

How To Prepare For A F1 Student Visa Interview

The F1 visa interview deserves special mention as this helps to find out whether an individual can get an F1 student visa for the USA. In order to study in the USA in a full-time degree seeking program, international students will require an F1 visa. The process of getting your F1 Visa can be a lengthy one but it is worthy. Prior to you can receive your F1 Visa, you must complete a thorough interview with a consular officer. While this interview might seem frightening, there are tips to help you prepare for your F1 Visa Interview, some of which are mentioned below:

Bring all documents needed: The interviewer may ask you to look at your required documents during your interview. It is essential to bring all the required documents, particularly financial documents to show proof that you will be able to afford to live in the USA while studying. Most importantly, you will need to know the information on these documents, for instance your grades, your parent’s income, and other personal information. Read more:

Remember that first impression matters: Your impression reflects your confidence, communication skills, enthusiasm and your attitude to pursuing a degree. You must be comfortable well dressed, and not be anxious at all. Do not forget to greet the visa officer with a smile.

Be confident when answering question: One of the most common questions that is the reason for choosing this college. You must research about the university thoroughly you are planning to study. Be prepared to convince the visa officer why you chose that university over others and what appeals you the most about this university. You must give explanation how the curriculum and faculty research are at par with your interests and how it will assist you achieve your future goals.

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Be thoroughly prepared to answer questions related to Why United States: Make sure that you provide optimistic answer to officer regarding why you choose to study in the United States. Talk about the benefits that the Government offers there for the international students.

Remember that rehearsing regularly is the key to succeed in your visa interview. You can get mock interviews conducted as this will help you to gain confidence and stay positive.

Kanan International, a specialized Foreign Education Consultancy in Vadodara can help you get prepared for the F1 student visa interview in the best way possible.

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How to Improve Your Chances of Attaining Student Visa for USA-Kanan International

How to Improve Your Chances of Attaining Student Visa for USA

Getting selected into a US university/college of your choice is no mean feat. After all, American universities only grant admissions to the best students out of the lot. But wait, before celebrating your accomplishment and new life of opportunity just yet, you need to get your US student visa sorted. Here are some useful tips to prepare you for the visa formalities so you can avoid facing rejection.

Make the Right Moves When Applying for Student Visa for USA

There are two student visa categories you can apply for when planning to study in the US. Students heading to the US for non-academic or vocation studies require the M visa while students pursuing academic studies in the US need an F1 visa. See that you meet all of the requirements and conditions perfectly if you want to obtain a student visa.

It is best to apply for a visa three months in advance. In this way, any appeal in case of visa denial or delays at the embassy can be taken into consideration.

Prepare for the US Student Visa Interview Well

Don’t dwell on the intimidating experience you think it is going to be like. Sitting in an embassy having an interaction with a visa officer won’t be a problem if you dress professionally and keep your answers sincere, committed and to the point. Putting on business attire helps to form a favorable impression.

If you haven’t scored high academically, you have to show your commitment and productively put forth the reasons why you will succeed studying in the US.

Adapt to the Interviewer

See if you can figure out whether the interviewer is in a hurry or not. You can then decide if you want to keep your answers short. If the interviewer is thorough and methodical, you can elaborate a little but see that you keep it specific and concise. Talk about the university you have taken admissions in and the kind of career these studies will help you pursue.

You can talk about how studying in the US and in a particular college that offers you the right majors will broaden your opportunities but do not make over exaggerated statements by stating that it is a lifelong dream to study in the US. Be honest and do not give unclear responses.

A Few Common Questions Asked in the Interview

You can be asked whether you have previously been to the US, what your GPA percentage is like, the number of universities you applied to, who will be financing your studies and which of the universities you got admitted into. You can also be questioned about any scholarships that you have received or whether you have any relatives in the US.

Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to study in the US and details about your chosen university. The interviewer will also want to know about your future plans and aspirations after the completion of your course.

Causes that lead to Visa Application Rejection

Your US student visa application can get rejected if the university you have applied to or the degree you want to gain looks suspicious. If you put forth the idea of staying back and gaining employment in the US, you can get rejected for an F1 visa. If you cannot prove that you can fund your studies, you may encounter a problem.

So keep these few things in mind if you want to ensure that your visa does not get rejected and your plans for studying in the US don’t come to a standstill. At Kanan International, our experienced faculty will help you in applying for student visa to USA and help you prepare for the interview.

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Top Tips to Crack a Student Visa Interview

Are you looking for some last minute prep for your student visa interview? Here goes a quick list of top 6 interview tips that will come handy for obtaining a student visa to Canada.

1. Get your Documents in Place

You will get a list of documents to bring along to the visa office on the day of the interview. Go through it thoroughly to make sure you forget nothing, for, even the smallest mistake can cost you heavily. Besides all the mandatory documents, you may like to gather all necessary documents that prove your stakes in returning to India after your education.

2. Make a Conscious Effort to be 100% Honest – Leave no Ambiguity

Visa Officers are experts at detecting lies. Be honest in all your answers. It helps to be succinct during the interview – keep your answers short and accurate. Even the slightest ambiguity can result in a failed application. Don’t give a wrong or an ambiguous answer even by mistake – if there is something you do not understand in the question, politely ask them to rephrase it – but do not risk giving an incorrect response based on limited understanding of the question itself.

3. Be Well Prepared with Information about Your Course and University

This will help you answer the visa officer’s questions on why you wish to study in Canada. Your answer should reflect your focus on quality education and cultural exposure alone, and not on finding work in Canada. Talk about how your chosen course will help you hone your skills and how you will be able to use them when you get back home to India.

4. Have an Answer to why You Cannot Study the Same Subject in India

Better research facilities, more cultural exposure and networking opportunities, more refined course strategy or unavailability of the same course in India – whatever be your reason for opting to study in Canada, prepare to explain it well. Back up your answer with tangible data, and use technical words to convince the interviewer of your case for studying in Canada.

5. Be Clear about Funding and Sponsorship

Visa regulations demand that a student going to Canada for the purpose of getting an education be capable of funding his/her tuition and living expenses without a pressing need for seeking part-time employment. Be ready to explain all the sources of your funds if you are self-sponsored; if a parent or guardian is going to be sponsoring you, furnish the officer with all the necessary details. In case you are getting a fee waiver or a scholarship, you could probably face a question on how much and exactly why you are getting it – therefore, organize the reasons in your head before you head to the interview.

6. Remember the Exact Dates of Your Last Visit to Canada, if Applicable

If you have been to Canada before, the interviewer may ask you about your trip. You should ideally remember your exact arrival and departure dates besides the purpose of visit.