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Study In Canada With The Help Of The Student Direct Stream-Kanan International

Study In Canada With The Help Of The Student Direct Stream

Student Direct Stream which is more popularly known as SDS is nothing but a program or a system that helps in reducing the time of application processing of the students who wish to take up full time studies in the colleges or universities of Canada.

Its Impact

The SDS system greatly benefits the Indian students who want to study in Canada. Here the overall process of admission is streamlined by the reduction of the time taken for the processing of application and all of the other formalities. Besides the Indian students, the SDS system also affects impacts the students of China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Benefits of SDS (Student Direct Stream)

The benefits that the students get under the SDS system are as listed below.

  • – The process of application of visa is totally smooth without any kinds of interruptions when applied under the SDS system.
  • – The total time taken for visa processing is quite less as compared to the programs – that do not fall under the SDS system.
  • – The financial documents which are required by the students is considerably minimized which makes it extremely easy and convenient for the users.
  • – The SDS system allows the students with more choices of colleges and universities in Canada.


The following are the requirements for applying under the SDS system.

  • – Admission to a full – time course or program in a post – secondary institution should be made which has to be funded publicly such as the colleges, universities, institutes or CEGEP.
  • – A score of six or more in each band in IELTS is mandatory. Also, the test should be taken within two years of time from the date of application.
  • – It is necessary to buy a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank worth 10000 Canadian Dollars which covers the living expenses during the first year of stay in the nation of Canada.
  • – The proof of payment of the tuition fees for the first year where the students have taken admission needs to be submitted.
  • – The students also need to go for an upfront medical test at least one week before the time submission of the application.

Why Choose Kanan International?

Kanan international is the ultimate destination for the students who wish to pursue higher studies in Canada. There are a lot of aspirants of studying in Canada who do not have a clear idea about the SDS program. Kanan international helps the students to have a detailed understanding of the SDS program and guide them in the right way so that they are benefited from the program. Apart from making the students understand about the rapid visa processing, Kanan international also helps the students to choose the best SDS colleges for an excellent future ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Student Direct Stream-Kanan International

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Student Direct Stream

Some FAQs relating to Student Direct Stream are:

Will students who have already applied for visa provisions under SPP program be considered under SDS or SPP?

If application has been submitted through SPP then the SDS program won’t affect it. IRCC continues to process application.

Does SDS guarantee assurance of student visa for application under it?

The Visa is not assured. SDS has provision of up-to-date student visa application process and quicker processing times but the basic requirements of student visa must be fulfilled.

DLI definition with compiled lists of DLIs.

DLI is institute that has approval of state/provincial/territorial government to give training to and hosting international students. Presence of college should be checked on list ( when applying for student visa under SDS

Is post-graduation work permit available from any listed DLI?

Not every DLI gives eligibility for Post-grad work permit. DLI list’s end column has ‘’offers PGWP-eligible program’’, institute with YES under that have the ability but all other required criteria must be met.

Does DS cover all colleges or only the ones under SPP? On acceptance by one Canadian college does it mean I qualify for SDS?

More universities and colleges would be eligible under SDS. Verification of institution should be done with check of website at

Though I am unsure about eligibility for SDS program can I still apply?

Yes it is possible but if department finds you ineligible under SDS then they shall process application under regular requirements.

Does appearance for TOEFL/PTE exam make me eligible for SDS?

  • TOEFL/PTE are not accepted as eligibility criteria.
  • Time period of processing under SDS.
  • For student visa under SDS-45 days or less.
  • Regular application-60 days.

Interested in Canadian Student visa, is it possible to pay Fees to University semester wise?

Under SDS upfront payment of 1yr fees is required. However this can be done through regular application.

Kanan International is one of the best in providing help to students to get into the right college or university in Canada due to its years of proven success. It is one of the largest, oldest and most experienced Visa Consultancy Company in Gujarat, India. We offer a range of services from coaching to admissions to visa guidelines & resettlement. We work directly with 75 colleges in Canada. There is a special SPP batch aimed to helping interested students plan further education in Canada and to crack IELTS with good score. We provide dedicated advisors and organise seminars, information and counselling session for sharing of information of study in Canada.

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Myriad of IELTS preparation options

Special Batch Provisions for IELTS – Hurry up to avail maximum benefits for IELTS Coaching


As you are very well aware of the fact that the recently launched Student Direct Stream (SDS) in Canada requires all the applicants from India to secure at least 6.0 bands overall, no band less than 6.0 in each module in IELTS, Kanan International Pvt Ltd intends to take this challenge as an opportunity to mentor and assist you even better.

On the one hand, where most of the Colleges now require at least 6.0 bands overall, no band less than 6.0 in each module, there are, however, Colleges and Universities, that have even higher IELTS requirements of 6.5 or even 7.0 bands overall (especially the ones based in Toronto and Vancouver regions). In order to assist you with these changed requirements, Kanan International Pvt Ltd has emphatically decided to take you an inch closer to your Canadian dream with the following IELTS training options:



  This special IELTS batch is a 4.5+ hours batch (Monday to Friday)

   It comprises of practice sessions of all the 4 modules, i.e. Listening, Reading,    Writing and Speaking on all batch days. Additionally, you also get the advantage of additional Grammar sessions in this batch

The students enrolled under IELTS Special Batch are also entitled to appear for 10 free Full Length Tests (FLTs) that take place every Saturday. These FLTs enable the students in their IELTS proficiency evaluation on a weekly basis. The results of the FLTs are out within 48-72 hours of the test.

  Additionally, if you are a part of the IELTS Special batch, you are allotted the services of a Faculty 10 days prior to your IELTS main Exam. You will be allotted a session of 30 minutes every day with a Faculty for extra Speaking practice. This is purely a Personal Speaking session that will enable you to practice Speaking under simulated Exam conditions.

The extensive practice received as a part of this Special batch will help you perform to the optimum in exams, as you will be equipped with advanced communication skills, core components of English Grammar for Writing, Reading and Speaking. Along with this, it will also help you perform extraordinarily well academically and professionally.

  Individual and customized attention is paid by the Faculties on the modules that require more and tailor-made attention. Tested and proven strategies are deployed to help you perform better as per the IELTS examination parameters.

  A special case advisor is appointed to manage your individual admissions portfolio.

Batch Timings (Monday to Friday):-

–  11:00 AM to 03:30 PM – Beginners’ Batch

– 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM – Advanced Batch



The IELTS Repeaters’ Batch specially emphasizes on the IELTS preparation of the students who have already appeared for IELTS exams, but unfortunately, have not been able to meet the IELTS criteria.

This 3-Hour Batch during Monday to Friday focuses on individual student’s module preparation. Highly experienced Faculties assist the students with the proven strategies to improve their IELTS band scores. Moreover, a keen attention is also paid on the various topics of Grammar that form the backbone of Writing and Speaking.

This is first of its kind batch that exclusively comprises of and encourages the students who wish to retake IELTS.

Batch Timings (Monday to Friday):-

– 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM (Effective 20.09.2018) Evening Batch Starting Shortly..!!!



An excellent online learning platform for the IELTS aspirants. KananPREP, first of its kind digital platform for IELTS preparation and proficiency evaluation, enables the students to prepare for IELTS as per their convenience.

KananPREP allows you to appear for Practice Tests and Mock FLTs along with various online lectures for Grammar and Vocabulary as well as Expert Assessment of your tests right from the comforts of your homes.

It is a boon for the students who are somehow not able to commute to the IELTS centers of their cities or who are immensely occupied with their professional commitments or are somehow not able to avail the benefits of physical classroom presence due to any constraint.

Students who are a part of any of the two aforementioned batches can avail the benefits of KananPREP for FREE..!!!

For more details on KananPREP, kindly refer the Brochure attached herewith this mail.

Should you have any queries or concerns, feel free to contact us. Glad to assist you!


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Process Of Getting Student Permit Faster With SDS For Canada

A number of students from across the world visit Canada every year for higher studies. The Government of Canada has a special program which helps in speeding up of the process of getting student permit faster, easier and convenient. The program is Student Direct Stream which is more popularly known as SDS which readily speeds up the visa processing for the students.

Individuals who are eligible to apply for Student Direct Stream:

The individuals who are the legal residents of the following countries are eligible.

  • – India
  • – China
  • – Vietnam
  • – Philippines

However, individuals who are the residents of other countries are not eligible to apply for Student Direct Stream and they require to go through normal process of visa application which is a lengthy one.

Documents Needed for the Application:

In order to apply for SDS program, the following documents are required.

  • – A copy of genuine medical exam confirmation certificate
  • – A copy of the acceptance letter from learning institution which you have chosen
  • – Proof of purchase of the GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000
  • – Proof of payment of the tuition fees for the first year of study
  • – Proof of graduating from a Canadian curriculum high school or a language test form showing a
    1. 1. Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens score of a minimum 7 for French or
    2. 2. Score of a minimum 6 for English in the IELTS exam

Apply for Student Visa for Canada-Kanan International

Application for Student Direct Stream:

In the next step, you will have to apply for SDS. Once the application process is completed, the application is reviewed right away for any discrepancies. It is important to keep in mind that in case the application does not meet the Student Direct Stream criteria, then the review of the application will be processed as a regular study permit and it would not get the faster processing.

Application is Approved

  • – If the application is approved, a letter of introduction is sent. This is not a study permit but this letter must be shown to the immigration official at the time of arriving in Canada
  • – Also, a temporary resident visa also known as visitor visa is sent so that the individual can enter Canada. The visitor visa will be in the passport and the student must enter Canada prior to it expiry. It is important to note that the study permit is legitimate till the completion of the chosen program.

Application is Refused

  • A letter will be sent giving proper explanation about the reason for the refusal. For further questions, the students can contact the visa office that had sent the refusal letter.

By following these above mentioned steps, the process of getting student permit becomes faster with SDS system for studying in Canada.

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How Is SDS (Student Direct System) Different From SPP?

How Is SDS (Student Direct Stream) Different From SPP?

SPP is nothing but Student Partners Program for the Indian students for studying in Canada. The Canada SPP is basically a joint pilot project between CIC or is Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s visa offices in India and ACCC that is the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. Canada has been particularly very famous for the successful Student Partners Program which had been launched by the Government of Canada. This program is extremely common among the Indian students because of the fact that this program plays a vital role easing the overall process of procuring student visa. At the same time, the Student Partners Program takes pride in high visa success rate ratio.

But at the end of the previous year, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC has made a few changes to the Student Partners Program that existed has resulted in the creation of a lot of confusion among the Indian students. Getting a proper guide in this regard would be certainly very helpful to the students in clearing out the confusion about the changes that has been made to the SPP program.

Changes Made in Student Partners Program

The changes so made to the Student Partners Program that existed are not very major for the Indian students. But at this point of time, it is to be kept in mind that what are the differences between Student Partners Program or SPP that existed and the present Study Direct Stream or SDS.

  • The most important change has been made in the name of the program. Previously it was called Student Partners Program that started in the year 2009 and currently it is referred to as Study Direct Stream which started in the year 2017.
  • The minimum overall band for IELTS required for SPP was 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each of the sub bands and in the present SDS system the minimum remains 6.0 but the minimum for each sub bands is also 6.0. Thus, the changes in the band requirements is an important change which a point of caution for the students.
  • In the Study Direct Stream program, the students need to pay the fees for the whole year that is the annual fees instead of the semester fees. Also, if any interested student posses a band score of six in each of the bands but pays the fees of only one semester, the student visa for that student will be processed under the general category.
  • The Student Partners Program or SPP was linked with the colleges whereas the Study Direct Stream or SDS is directly linked with the students.

Apply for Student Visa for Canada-Kanan InternationalThe Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC has notified that all of the changes mentioned above will be applicable to all the study permits to the nation of Canada which are received from the 1st of February 2018 irrespective of the date of the letter of offer. Hence, keeping these changes in mind will help the Indian students to get the study visa to Canada with convenience.

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