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Top Tips You Need To Know Before Your TOEFL Exam-Kanan International

Top Tips You Need To Know Before Your TOEFL Exam

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test that evaluates English proficiency of candidates whose native language is NOT English. It is a prerequisite for admission into colleges/Universities where English is official language.

Some Tips for TOEFL candidates are:

  • Keeping track of what version of TOEFL you will be sitting for. Either the Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) or the TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL PBT), be sure of format. Test formats will affect some of TOEFL preparation.

  • Approaching TOEFL with a plan. It is necessary to know strengths and weaknesses as it helps to realise areas in need of focus. For the paper based test, it is necessary to work practice tests and concentrate on weak areas. For internet based, candidate should become familiar with test format provided on official site. ETS provides sample questions for both PBT and IBT on site.

  • Being ready for test conditions and being well rehearsed will maximise TOEFL score. Practice is imperative. Be outfitted to be able to be comfortable in any test room conditions.

  • Increase familiarity with questions and direction before test. Each test section has time limit, learn to use it wisely. Become familiar with directions prior to avoid wasting time going through it during exam time.

  • Improve reading comprehension.

  • Keep structure and written expression as priority. Express yourself clearly and simply. English grammar should be proficient.

  • Familiarise yourself with English language as much as possible to improve listening Comprehension.

  • Plan what you want to write and it will help organise your thoughts to present a more developed idea of what you want to express. Use examples to back your ideas. Leave time for proofreading at the end.

  • The speaking test will also require student to be able to think in English. Organise thoughts before responding.

A good TOEFL score is a must for students who are interested in further education in USA.

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Improve Your TOEFL Score

Kanan International is a premier coaching and training institute that offer a comprehensive training program including library provisions. The preparation and introductory courses for TOEFL at Kanan teaches students about the exam structure.

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Improve Your TOEFL Score

Improve Your TOEFL Score

Preparation is very important. People mostly feel stress during writing exams because they don’t prepare well. Study the format of TOEFL in detail before taking the test.

Become a pro at computers

One of the fastest ways of improving TOEFL scores is to become an expert at using a computer. Not being familiar with using a computer can make you feel nervous. Before you take TOEFL, you should practice typing on a computer on a regular basis. Make use of the TOEFL computer tutorial fully. This will save you valuable time.

Learn about each section

The TOEFL IBT Preparation Course and the TOEFL IBT Introductory Course will help you with learning about the exam structure. You will also learn about the different sections of the test (reading, speaking, writing). While taking your TOEFL Training, you will be able to develop strategies for taking each section. This will help you with scoring more in the test.

Learn to put ideas on paper

In TOEFL iBT, all candidates have to write an essay. You may have ideas about how to write a good essay. But putting them down on paper will be not an easy job. This is why you should practice writing short essays for half an hour on a regular basis during your TOEFL Training.

How to ace the reading section:

  • Learn about academic vocabulary

  • Practice reading books/newspapers on a daily basis. Don’t use a dictionary if possible.

  • Learn to read a passage at one go. You won’t get time to read it again fully.

How to ace the speaking section:

  • Summarize everything in the end. Don’t forget to give a short conclusion.

  • Do not use words which you are not comfortable with!

  • Do not use idioms or phrases you don’t know the meaning of. You might lose points because of improper usage.

How to ace the writing section:

  • Write clearly and in simple language which is easy to understand

  • Do not use vocabulary you aren’t sure of

  • Do not use punctuations you aren’t sure of

  • Plan your essay for a few minutes before starting to write it. Otherwise you will end up wasting time. If you take some time in planning it, you will be able to check it fully after you write it.

  • Use the same format for writing the essay during your TOEFL Training.

  • Use examples as support

  • Use transition words. You can find a list of transition words at the following link:

More tips:

Keep yourself full

Eat well before taking the exam. This might sound patronizing, but it is actually important to eat before an exam. If your brain is oxygen deprived because you get hungry in the middle of the exam, you won’t be able to concentrate on the test.

Find an ex-TOEFL candidate

Find someone in your circle who has already taken the test and has aced it. He or she will be able to offer you TOEFL Coaching and will offer valuable tips. He or she will also have answers to all your questions regarding the test.

Be prepared

Do not be nervous during the test. This will not help you with scoring more!