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Applying for Canada Spouse Visa-Kanan International

Eligibility requirements and benefits of applying for Canada Spouse Visa

Does your spouse live in Canada and you live far away, wanting to be with him/her? Does that make you feel alone or lonely? Don’t you want to live with your spouse in Canada? Well, who doesn’t want that… If you want to make your dream of living with your spouse in Canada a reality, contact Kanan International, which will help you in every step of obtaining a Canada spouse visa. Kanan International provides excellent counselling services and guidance throughout the visa process.

Canada’s dependent visa is a way that allows immigrant families to stay together. A dependent visa allows citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor dependent family members, that can be spouse, children, parents, grandparents and common-law partners. The Canadian government defines a spouse as a person who has legally married the sponsorer (Canadian citizen/ PR) as per the religious customs and registered their marriage with the civic body in their city.

Eligibility requirements for Canada Spouse Visa:

-Both spouses should be above 18 years of age.

Marriage certificate from the place you got married. If your marriage took place outside Canada, it has to be legally valid as per Canadian law.

Both the partners should be able to illustrate that they are willing to live together in Canada and they understand their responsibilities in this case.

The sponsoring spouse has to sign an undertaking that he/she is committed to providing the basic needs of the applicant spouse.

The relationship between the spouses has to be proved bonafide and that the applicant spouse is intending to live with the other spouse and not for the purpose of working in Canada. This can be proved in three ways: (1) Proof of texts, mail, phone calls, video calls. (2) Family photographs. (3) Joint bank account.

The Canadian government has introduced an additional condition for people applying for a dependent visa for a spouse. That says: the spouse who has entered Canada on being sponsored by the other spouse cannot sponsor someone else till 5 years from the date of entering the country. This will make sure that people do not commit marriage fraud for acquiring Canadian PR.

Benefits of applying for dependent visa for spouse

– Canada has a good standard of living and the career prospects are much brighter as it boasts a strong employment market. The couple will have a bright future for themselves and the entire family. 

– IELTS is not required for a dependent visa for a spouse. There is no need to give IELTS exams and no need for its score. There is no eligibility requirement for IELTS.

Work experience is not required for a dependent visa for a spouse. Just like IELTS, there is no eligibility requirement of work experience. There is no need to have a work experience to apply for a dependent visa for a spouse. 

The couple can financially support each other as the Canadian government allows them to work full time on legal grounds and earn their living. This makes them economically more stable and their standard of living automatically improves.

Canada’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. The couple gets better medical treatment at cheaper rates. The medical treatment is almost free as it is funded by the Canadian government.

There are many other benefits of applying for a dependent visa other than the ones mentioned above. The processing time of obtaining a dependent visa of spousal immigration is 10 to 12 months. The process is lengthy and tiring, you can trust Kanan International as it provides excellent services and has well-experienced staff. Kanan International’s step by step approach makes it the best immigration consultants in Vadodara. Kanan International has a good record overall and does the best for its clients throughout the Canada spouse visa process. 

Eligibility And Process Of Obtaining A Canada Student Visa-Kanan International

Eligibility And Process Of Obtaining A Canada Student Visa

Many students prefer to study in Canada due to their high quality teaching system. Do you want to be one of them? Many would say getting a Canadian Student Visa is complex with so many rules and regulations. But it is not that complex if you apply from Kanan International Pvt Ltd. We provide you in-depth, step-by-step counseling to make this seemingly protracted search a cake-walk. It is compulsory for students to begin their Student Visa process by receiving an admission offer from a Canadian University. Decide on the University you want to study and get an acceptance letter from the Institution. First of all you need to check whether you are eligible for a Student Visa or not.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • – Keep your documents ready
  • – Required finances to cover your expenses, like GIC, tuition fees, living expenses, etc.
  • – You should not have any criminal record.
  • – Undertake medical examination and obtain a certificate from it that you are in good health.
  • – You should have cleared English language tests like IELTS with a minimum score of 6.
  • – Assure an officer that you will leave Canada once your study permit expires.

The process of obtaining Student Visa for Canada is discussed below:

  • – Select the best college/university to study in Canada according to your course preference.
  • – Kanan International has a direct tie-up with 38 out of 40 SPP colleges & 7 University and 35 non-SPP institutes in Canada, to help you get the best choice ad a world-class education.
  • – You can take a look at Kanan’s website for the best colleges/universities to study in Canada
  • – Getting admission from a Canadian university requires a good score in prerequisite exams like IELTS.
  • – After being accepted at a Canadian University, you will get an acceptance letter from the University. This acceptance letter will help you to get a Student Visa.
  • – Once you land in Canada you need expenses to cover and that has to be done by purchasing GIC.
  • – GIC, Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a one year liquid investment offered by Canadian banks.
  • – GIC fund will be repaid to you after you reach Canada (1st installment of CAD 2,000 plus any accrued interest will be deposited into your bank account & rest CAD 8,000 will be deposited into a 1-year fixed term GIC. Your GIC amount and interest will be automatically deposited into your bank account in 12 monthly payments).
  • – You have to get your health check up done. You must find a panel physician that is approved by the Candian government. Your physician can’t do the medical examination.  

To get more insight on how to get a Student Visa for Canada read the blog:

Benefits of Studying in Canada

The process seems complex and difficult but it gets easy if you apply with Kanan International. It is all worth it if after all this hard work you get to study in Canada because there are various benefits attached to it. The benefits are:

  • – Quality education
  • – Campus lifestyle
  • – Employment opportunity
  • – Lower tuition cost
  • – Internationally recognized
  • – Career prospects
  • – A pathway to Canadian permanent residence

Kanan International Pvt. Ltd. has been providing students the right guidance and coaching to help them achieve their dreams of studying in a country like Canada.

Along with being the best TOEFL and IELTS Coaching institute in Vadodara, Kanan International also helps students with pre-departure services.

At Kanan International, we ensure that complete transparency is maintained and there are no doubts or questions in the minds of the students before planning to study abroad or before they depart on their educational journey abroad.

Visit the website for more information:

Last Chance for students to apply for January 2019

Mega Counselling Session for “Study in Canada” for Jan 2019 Intake on Sunday, 30th September, 2018 at Kanan Office Vadodara

Students who are still struggling to get admission into the colleges and universities of their choice in the Jan 2019 intake this is your opportunity.

Kanan International Pvt Ltd. is conducting a Mega Counselling Session for“Study in Canada”, this Sunday, 30th September, 2018, between 10:30 AM and 05:30 PM.

This is going to be one last final chance to avail the maximum benefits of applying to Canadian Colleges and Universities for January 2019.

This counseling session would focus on the students who want to apply to Canadian Colleges and Universities for January 2019 intake. As most of you are very well aware of the fact that January 2019 intake is about to get absolutely CLOSED in a few days’ time. Herein, as a part of this session, our team of experts would focus on one-to-one counseling sessions of students as well as parents so as to which options are currently available for applications for January 2019 intake. Applications can still be processed for the following Colleges and Universities in Canada for January 2019:


–  Algonquin College

– Brock University

– Confederation College

– Humber College

– Lakehead University (Application Deadline – 02nd November, 2018)

– Laurentian University (Starts accepting application on – 01st October, 2018)

– Sheridan College

– Trent University

– Wilfrid Laurier University


– College Canada

– Herzing College

– Inter-Dec College

– Montreal College of Information and Technology

– TAV College

–  Matrix College

– College Universel

– Institut-Superieur-d’Informatique


–  International College of Manitoba


–  College of New Caledonia

–  Fraser International College

– North Island College

–  University of Canada West

– University of Northern British Columbia

– Vancouver Island University


–  Mount Allison University


– Memorial University


–  University of Prince Edward Island


Applications can still be processed in the aforementioned Colleges and Universities in the programs available for January 2019.


The counselling session will be conducted by the following team of experts of Kanan International Pvt Ltd:

1)      Mr Manish Shah – Managing Director – (+91-99786 37652)

2)      Mr Anil Goyal – Senior Manager – (+91-99250 19349)

3)      Mr Jitendra Katiya – Senior Manager – (+91-98250 37652)

4)      Mr Hardik Vadgama – Senior Manager – (+91-75672 89533)

5)      Mr Vishal Zala – Senior Executive – (+91-99786 19349)

6)      Mr Yash Shah – Executive – (+91-89808 25251)


The Mega Counselling Session will be conducted at:

“Kanan House” D-Wing, 2nd Floor, Trident Complex,

Old ST Bus Depot Premises, Nr. Race Course Circle,

Ellora Park – Wadivadi Road,

Vadodara-390007, Gujarat, India.

We hereby wish to see you on 30th September, hoping to address all the queries of students as well as parents.

Canada Education Fair by Kanan International

Canada Education Fair by Kanan International

Canada has always been a magnet for students from India, and for very good reasons. These reasons have only become more amplified in the current socio-political-economic climate of Canada, which is very favourable to students and professionals from other countries. Studying in Canada need not be a distant dream anymore. At Kanan International, we are dedicated to making dreams of studying in Australia come true. Here’s why we think Australia is the perfect place for you to realize the life of your dreams:

  • Canadian educational institutions are among the best in the world with their certifications being on par with those from the U.S. and recognized anywhere globally.
  • Education, cost of living, student medical insurance, student benefits, etc., make studying very affordable in Canada.
  • Canada is one of the top 10 countries in the Global Peace Index. This translates to lower crime rates and increased security for students from other countries.
  • The country welcomes multiculturalism with open arms, which makes it an incredibly diverse and friendly country to live in. This provides greater exposure of living within an international community.
  • Job opportunities for students after their studies are abundant in Canada and even in the rest of the world as Canadian certifications hold a lot of merit.

You don’t have to search high and low for information on how to get to Canada. The Kanan International’s Canada Education Fair is here just to make things easier for you. Here are some advantages of attending this fair:

  • More than 26 of the top SSP colleges and universities in Canada are taking part in this fair.
  • You are offered an on-the-spot assessment, which saves you time and lets you know your future in a jiffy.
  • Application fees are waivered, which is more savings for you.
  • Attractive scholarship options are offered.

Canada Education Fair is will be in the following cities starting from the 26th of September:

  • Vadodara – 26th September
  • Surat – 27th September
  • Vallabh Vidhyanagar – 28th September
  • Ahmedabad – 29th September
  • Gandhinagar – 30the September
  • Mehsana – 1st October

Kanan International smoothens out the entire process for students, with everything taken care of. All you have to do to get started on your academic life in Canada is to register for the event at right now!