Step By Step Guide For Students Applying For US Visa-Kanan International-Vadodara

Planning to apply for a student visa in your dream country – The United States of America? Confused how to go about it? Kanan International is a leading foreign education consultant.

Our step by step guide will help you to clear all your doubts in a hassle free way!    

The United States Government provides three types of Visas

Eligibility And Process Of Obtaining A Canada Student Visa-Kanan International

Many students prefer to study in Canada due to their high quality teaching system. Do you want to be one of them? Many would say getting a Canadian Student Visa is complex with so many rules and regulations. But it is not that complex if you apply from Kanan International Pvt Ltd. We provide you in-depth, step-by-step

5 Reasons Why Canada Should be Your Go-To Abroad Study Destination-Kanan International

There are a number of students who aspire to study abroad. This is because of the fact of greater scope as well as better prospects in education along with quality education one of the most vital reasons. Now, at this point of time, a number of students tend to get confused as to what should be the ideal go-to abroad study destination. In this situation full of confusion, study abroad in Canada would necessarily be

Select the Best College University in Canada-Kanan International

Canada has certainly become one of the hot favorite abroad study destinations for the students. This is clearly evident from the fact of the huge number of foreign students going for higher education in Canada. Most importantly, the number of foreign students in Canada is readily increasing on a year to year basis.

Benefits of Opting for Higher Studies in Canada

The students can avail a number

Students Pursue Their Under Graduation Courses Abroad-Kanan International

Usually the Indian students choose to study their undergraduate programme in India, work for a few of years, gain experience and then go out of the country for a postgraduate degree. However, this trend has changed in current years, as easy access to education loans has encouraged a rise in the number of students choosing to study an undergraduate programme overseas, right after they complete their 12th boards. Apart from full-time undergraduate programmes

Courses Available To Students after 12th Boards-Kanan International

These days, a lot of students after completing their 10+2 exams aim to study abroad especially in the countries like Canada and the United States. This is because of the fact that these countries offer a better job market for the students after completing the Bachelor’s degree program and the overall course curriculum is very well designed so as to necessarily suit all future requirements.


Options To Work In Canada After Your Education-Kanan International Vadodara

Opportunities of work after study in Canada are one of the vital reasons to opt for higher studies. The work policies of Canada for international students after they finish their courses are welcoming as they provide the students opportunities after they complete their courses. Canada is one of the most well-known study abroad destinations possessing some of the leading universities in the world. Canada has earned a lot of

Guide To Studying In USA-Entry Requirements-Kanan International Vadodara

As per a recent survey it has been found that almost 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are global students, and the numbers are increasing. There are several reasons that explain why students like to come to the United States to study. As a dominant study abroad hub, the USA offers an extensive range of study options to students from varied educational backgrounds. Thus, the first step is to

Tips To Increase Your Success Rate For A Student Visa For USA-Kanan International in Vadodara

The United States is often considered as one of the top destinations for the international students despite recent controversial measures regarding visa limitations. The U.S. visa application procedure is a fairly transparent and straight-forward one when compared with other destinations.

Mentioned below are some of the steps that you will need to take to get the acceptance letter:

  1. 1. Finalize on a university to

How To Prepare For A F1 Student Visa Interview-Kanan International Vadodara

The F1 visa interview deserves special mention as this helps to find out whether an individual can get an F1 student visa for the USA. In order to study in the USA in a full-time degree seeking program, international students will require an F1 visa. The process of getting your F1 Visa can be a lengthy one but it is worthy. Prior to you can receive your F1 Visa, you must complete a thorough interview

Five Reasons to Study in USA in 2019-Kanan International

There are many students who wish to seek higher education in USA. You too must be aspiring for the same. Before you make up your mind to study abroad and start preparing yourself for having a higher education, you should ponder over your decision wisely. It goes without saying, the United States of America is quite well known for providing high-quality education. The country provides different types of academic courses. You can select

10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English For the IELTS Speaking Test-Kanan International pvt ltd

Speaking in English language has become essential in the present days. If you are approaching for IELTS speaking test, you need to keep in mind that you will be tested on the proficiency of English. The IELTS speaking test has patterns and formats for the purpose of testing the candidates. The proficiency of English of a student will be assessed on the format he or she chooses and the fluency as well as

Steps On Applying To A Canadian University In 2019-Kanan International

If you wish to pursue higher education in foreign countries, then Canada would certainly eb one of the top choices in this regard. Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies. So, if you are really very eager to pursue higher education in the Canadian university in the year 2019, then here are a few important steps which you should be following.

Detailed Timeline To Study In USA For September 2019 Intake-Kanan International

If you are planning to study in USA, either for the undergraduate studies or the post graduate studies, an action plan is extremely necessary. Here is a detailed timeline for pursuing higher studies in the United States for the September 2019 intake.

Preliminary Steps

These are basically the first steps which you need to take between April 2018 to September 2018.

Taking An Education Loan To Study In Canada-Kanan International

Canada is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for pursuing higher studies apart from the United States of America. In the recent times, a lot of students from all over the world choose Canada as the destination for their higher studies. At this point of time, what comes in the path of the dreams of the aspirants of studying in Canada is the cost of studying. This cost depends

Study In Canada With The Help Of The Student Direct Stream-Kanan International

Student Direct Stream which is more popularly known as SDS is nothing but a program or a system that helps in reducing the time of application processing of the students who wish to take up full time studies in the colleges or universities of Canada.

Its Impact

The SDS system greatly benefits the Indian students who want to study in

Top Tips You Need To Know Before Your TOEFL Exam-Kanan International

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test that evaluates English proficiency of candidates whose native language is NOT English. It is a prerequisite for admission into colleges/Universities where English is official language.

Some Tips for TOEFL candidates are:

  • Keeping track of what version of TOEFL you will be sitting for. Either the Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) or the TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL PBT),

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Student Direct Stream-Kanan International

Some FAQs relating to Student Direct Stream are:

Will students who have already applied for visa provisions under SPP program be considered under SDS or SPP?

If application has been submitted through SPP then the SDS program won’t affect it. IRCC continues to process application.

Does SDS guarantee assurance of student visa for application under it?

The Visa is

Mega Counselling Session for “Study in Canada” for Jan 2019 Intake on Sunday, 30th September, 2018 at Kanan Office Vadodara Students who are still struggling to get admission into the colleges and universities of their choice in the Jan 2019 intake this is your opportunity. Kanan International Pvt Ltd. is conducting a Mega Counselling Session for“Study in Canada”, this Sunday, 30th September, 2018, between 10:30 AM and 05:30 PM. This is going to be

Special Batch Provisions for IELTS – Hurry up to avail maximum benefits for IELTS Coaching

  As you are very well aware of the fact that the recently launched Student Direct Stream (SDS) in Canada requires all the applicants from India to secure at least 6.0 bands overall, no band less than 6.0 in each module in IELTS, Kanan International Pvt Ltd intends to take this challenge as an opportunity

Budgeting As You Plan To Pursue Higher Education In USA-Kanan International

Every year thousands of students from across the world visit the United States in order to pursue higher education. The United States of America houses a number of well – known colleges and universities which offers mind – blowing opportunities to the students. However, before moving to the United States for pursuing higher studies, it is important for the students to understand that the cost of living

Selecting the ideal place to pursue higher studies from is one of the most vital decisions a student has to make. Modern students get a host of options and avenues to make their choice from, and thus it is vital that they take their decision after a considerable thought and deliberation. In order to broaden their horizons and acquire premium academic facilities, a number of students choose to study abroad these days.

A number of students from across the world visit Canada every year for higher studies. The Government of Canada has a special program which helps in speeding up of the process of getting student permit faster, easier and convenient. The program is Student Direct Stream which is more popularly known as SDS which readily speeds up the visa processing for the students.

Individuals who are eligible to apply

Studying In Community Colleges In USA-Kanan International

Community colleges in the recent times have become quite popular. These colleges at times are referred to as junior colleges which are two-year schools that offer affordable post-secondary education as a path to a four year degree. Prior to starting with a traditional university, it is always better to opt for a community college. As the quality of the education you will get at a community college is just as

SDS is the abbreviated form of Study Direct Stream. This is nothing but a system or a program which helps in the speeding up of the time for processing the applications for the students who apply for the full – time studies in the colleges and universities of Canada for Filipinos. The SDS system is just great for the Indian students since they application process is streamlined by reducing the

How Is SDS (Student Direct System) Different From SPP?

SPP is nothing but Student Partners Program for the Indian students for studying in Canada. The Canada SPP is basically a joint pilot project between CIC or is Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s visa offices in India and ACCC that is the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. Canada has been particularly very famous for the successful Student Partners Program which had been launched by the Government of Canada.

Study In Canada-Steps To Get Admission In A Leading University-Kanan International

Canada, the second largest country in the world, is one of the world leaders in higher education. It is, therefore, no surprise why the country is so popular among international students. Canada offers students the means and resources to experience a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for growth. The beautiful landscape of Canada with a backdrop of remarkable mountain ranges and mesmerizing ski slopes, laid-back welcoming locals, and a bustling city life, make

Explore The US Job Program For Foreign Students-Kanan International

The US is the world’s third largest country both in terms of size and even population. In addition to this, it is a world leader in every sphere, be it politics, business, media, technology, science, and education. This makes the opportunities for job hunting in this country diverse and vast. So while many international students study in American universities and colleges, some dream of seeking employment here too, even if it

Planning to Study in Canada-Kanan International

Studying abroad is a topic that is always under the scanner when it comes to deciding on your options for completing your higher studies. There are many people who believe that studying abroad is only an extra expenditure that is completely uncalled for as Indian universities are just as good. There are others who would like to make a career abroad and for them, studying abroad can make things a lot easier in their

How to Finance Your Childs Study in Canada-Kanan International

Considering the impact of globalization on our lives, studying abroad can perhaps be the best thing that you can do for a secured future ahead. There are some countries that are particularly known for offering some of the best educational opportunities with career guidance and counseling.

Canada is one of such countries that offer world-class educational opportunities in just about any field. This is perhaps the reason why Canada is

What's the Procedure to Study in USA-Kanan International

Studying abroad is a dream for most people who have high career aspirations. However, many people find it challenging to give wings to their dream as they are not well-versed with the process to study in USA. At Kanan International, we serve as a student visa consultant for USA. We guide and prepare students for pursuing higher education in the USA.

Student Visa to Study in Canada in 2018-Kanan International

Students from all over the globe look for educational opportunities in some of the top universities worldwide as a means to secure their career. Canada is among those countries that are known not just for its superior quality of education but also for a high standard of living and availability of many skill-based jobs. Considering the statistical figures, each year about 130,000 international students choose to

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Kanan International is looking forward to uniting with zealous individuals aspiring to make it big in the global education industry. If you are an Associate / Entrepreneur / Agent who has the spark and is looking forward to a dynamic opportunity to start an enterprise, this is a chance you must not miss.

About Kanan International

Kanan International Pvt. Ltd is one of the most experienced

Canadian Immigration Policies That Favor International Students-Kanan International

An education in Canada is one of the easiest ways to get permanent residency in the country. The Canadian government, in order to get more students to enroll in their colleges and universities, has substantially relaxed its immigration policies for international students. This is a way to incentivize more and more highly skilled and educated people to live and work in Canada, thereby contributing to the country’s growth.

Kanan Education Fair 2018-Anand-Vadodara-Surat

Our recent education fair organized in Anand, Vadodara and Surat saw the participation of more than 400 enthusiastic students in Surat alone. The event was organized for the benefit of students who aspire to study in the various universities of the USA or Canada. It was a delight to execute the event successfully and far exceed the expectations students and their parents have from events like these. We

How to Improve Your Chances of Attaining Student Visa for USA-Kanan International

Getting selected into a US university/college of your choice is no mean feat. After all, American universities only grant admissions to the best students out of the lot. But wait, before celebrating your accomplishment and new life of opportunity just yet, you need to get your US student visa sorted. Here are some useful tips to prepare you for the visa formalities so you can avoid facing rejection.

7 Best States in the USA to Pursue your Graduate Studies-Kanan International

Making a decision to pursue further studies and get a graduate degree is hardly a piece of cake; and when you are attempting to do this through colleges in the US, it’s a different feat altogether. This is because, other than finding the best program, you also need to know the best state in the US to pursue this degree.

Here is a list

5 Steps to Study in the USA-Kanan International-Vadodara

The world’s largest international student population is said to be found in the United States of America (USA) as over 1,000,000 students choose to gain higher education and life experience here. If you yourself want to pursue your higher studies in the US or are considering doing so, you are expected to follow these five procedures.

Step 1:

5 Tips to Improve Your GRE Score-Kanan International

Taking the GRE is one of the first steps towards getting admission into an American university for postgrad studies. Although not a guarantee of admission in itself, GRE score has a great weightage in getting you accepted in a university of choice. In a way, your performance on GRE reflects what you’ve learnt all throughout your student life. But you can surely give your scores a boost by a thorough preparation

Everything You Need To Know About SAT-Kanan International

SAT is a mandatory requirement for seeking admission into most undergraduate colleges in the US. It tests you mainly on three sets of skills: writing, language competency and mathematics. If you aspire to go the States for your Bachelor’s, you should get acquainted with SAT and start preparing for it as early as possible. You could also take advantage of professional SAT coaching classes to

Degree Courses You Can Pursue in USA-Kanan International

Depending on your current education level and further interests, you can choose from among four types of degree courses in USA. Once you decide your subjects or your majors, you can start looking for the best colleges and universities offering what you want. Let’s look at the options in degree courses in the US for you.

1. Study Abroad Degree

Study abroad degree is what we popularly call

Analyzing Costs Associated with Studying in USA-Kanan International

Preparedness for all the expenses you may incur during an education in the USA can help you sail through your university years. Factoring in all areas of expenditure, even if it is something small like the cost of buying books, will let you plan accordingly. And once you know how much money you will need towards tuition and living costs in the USA, you can take appropriate steps


If you are in a dilemma of whether to go for a US education now, right after class 12th, or to go there later to do your masters, allow us to bust the myth for you that going abroad is best suited to post grad students. Pursuing an education abroad, especially in the US has several unbeatable advantages for undergraduates. From well-rounded personality development to fantastic internship opportunities, the choice can prove enriching to

6 Reasons Why You Should Study At An American University-Kanan-International

If you are considering options for higher studies and going to the United States is one of them, choosing it may prove to be one of the finest decisions of your life. Studying in the US does give you an edge over studying in India or even in some other foreign country for that matter. The following advantages should be compelling enough

Student Visa for USA-Kanan International

Thousands of Indian students get their student visa to USA every year without any hassle. So be confident that once you get an acceptance letter from a university of choice, the visa procurement wouldn’t be something that would hold you back from pursuing your studies in the US; but don’t let that make you complacent either. At Kanan International, a renowned student visa consultancy for USA, we help you meticulously follow application

Scholarship Opportunities for Indian Students Planning to Study in USA-Kanan International

If studying abroad is your dream and excellence your forte, there are many organizations out there willing to fund it for you. Indian students can look up to both, their own national education authorities as well as research and study funding organizations in the USA.

If you are on the lookout for a scholarship to study abroad, here is a list of the most popular programs you could avail the

5 Essential Guidelines for Students Planning to Study in USA-Kanan International

Education in USA is your gateway to the wide world out there. The diversity of culture, the higher standards of pedagogy and the various research opportunities make it completely worth spending your time and money on studying in the United States. However, you want to make sure you extract the maximum value out of this rather expensive experience; and to do that, the best way to go about

Studying And Living Expenses While Studying In Canada - Kanan International

It is a well known fact that Canadian universities and colleges are offering the most advanced education for the foreign students. Around 26 universities in Canada have been listed among the best academic institutions in the world and the number of students, who have been choosing Canadian universities for their higher studies, is increasing at a very rapid pace.

What about the studying and living expenses while

Benefits of Doing a Post Graduate Course in Canada-Kanan International

Why do a lot of students go overseas for studying post graduation courses? This modern world has become fiercely competitive and every young job aspirant is competing internationally to get a job. Best education and training are necessary to get the best jobs around and this aspect motivates students to go abroad for their post-graduation courses.

When it comes to choosing a destination for post graduation courses, many students prefer Canada.

How to Select the Best College for International Students in USA? - Kanan International

The United States has become a hot destination for higher studies. The quality of education and the best infrastructure make the colleges in the USA immensely popular among foreign students. There are more than 3000 universities and colleges in the US and the options they offer can be described as limitless.

How to select the best college for international students in USA? Since

The United States has become a hot destination for higher studies. The quality of education and the best infrastructure make the colleges in the USA immensely popular among foreign students. There are more than 3000 universities and colleges in the US and the options they offer can be described as limitless.

How to select the best college for international students in USA? Since there are

Everything You Need to Know About the SPP Program-kanan-international-7-3-17

The Student Partnership Program (SPP) is a joint project launched by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). This program focuses on eliminating the unwanted complications involved with the process of visa procurement of Indian students and it also aims to provide fast and easy study visa for Indian students who want to study in Canada. This initiative has become a

Improve Your Score in IELTS Reading Section - Kanan International

Many students often say that IELTS reading section is the toughest part of the whole IELTS exam. According to them; speaking, listening and writing sections can be tackled with relative ease. It is a fact that you have to read very fast and in order to score good marks on the reading test; you must learn the art of reading with increased amount of concentration. There is no short cut to success and if

Why is It a Good Time for Indian Students to Study in Canada

Pursuing higher studies in Canada has become a popular trend among Indian students. Many factors contribute toward this growing trend such as world class education system, international recognition, availability of top quality educational institutions and affordable rates. The Canadian government has recently announced many favorable steps for immigrants and the prioritization of India in its education policy motivate many Indian students who want to pursue higher studies in Canada. The bottom line

Are you looking for some last minute prep for your student visa interview? Here goes a quick list of top 6 interview tips that will come handy for obtaining a student visa to Canada.

1. Get your Documents in Place

You will get a list of documents to bring along to the visa office on the day of the interview. Go through it thoroughly to make sure you forget nothing, for,

The Estimated Costs of Studying in Canada - Kanan International

Canadian education is one of the best in the world, especially in domains involving research. The country offers the best of all educational and research facilities and a fair opportunity to learn as much as you like. At the same time, the standard of living is undoubtedly high, and in absolute terms, you can have a much higher quality of life as a student than you can in most other countries. However, this excellence

Study-in-Canada - Kanan-Internationa

What is SPP Program?

The SPP or the Student partners program is a joint initiative between ‘Association of Canadian Community Colleges’ (ACCC) and ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s’ visa offices in India.

Students who wish to apply for the program are required to contact participating colleges and universities for more information.

The Following Are The Advantages Of Applying To The SPP Program

  1. Visa is processed faster
  2. Quality of education

Moving to a new country for studying can be quite an unnerving experience. That being said, it can also be a fun experience. Following are a few things to remember while going to study in Canada.

Before going to Study in Canada

As many students would know already, going to Canada is not as simple as 1,2,3. Each and every student is competing with a Canadian student when it

Procedure Explained to Study in USA - Kanan International

Going to study in foreign countries needs a lot of paperwork as well as time. Other things required are meticulous research and patience. The latter is needed because a student might need to apply to many universities for getting selected in one. Following is a step by step guide on how to Study in USA.

1. Researching about the options

Post secondary education in the USA is of

Statement of Purpose to Study Abroad - Kanan International

Statement of purpose is an essay which is often asked for by foreign universities. The word limit is usually of 1000 words. The main aim behind this statement of purpose is to understand why the student is choosing a particular course and what he or she hopes to achieve after studying it.

Benefits of Good SOP

A statement of purpose can be of various types. Some universities ask for a long

IELTS Coaching - Kanan International

What is IELTS?

IELTS is short for the International English Language Testing System. It is the world’s most popular test for assessing one’s proficiency in the English language. It is conducted for studying or working abroad and for migration purposes.

IELTS is recognized in 135 countries in the world and at 9000 colleges, universities, employers, governments and associations.

IELTS is of two types, Academic and General. IELTS Academic is for

Why You Should Study In Canada - Kanan International

Why study in Canada?

About 200 universities in Canada offer internationally recognized degrees and specialized programs to students. Canada was recently voted as one of the best places to live by the United Nations. Studying in Canada also means that an international student can easily get placed within six months of getting his or her degree.

About Canada

Canada is mostly water and a little bit of land. It

IELTS Test Format Explained

The IELTS Test is of two types – General and Academic. Both of them have four sections:

  • – Listening
  • – Speaking
  • – Reading
  • – Writing

While the first two sections are almost the same for both types, the content of the last two sections vary depending on which type of test you are taking.

Tips to Score A Perfect 8 in IELTS - Kanan International

Tips to Score A Perfect 8 in IELTS

Your IELTS preparations should start at least a month before the date of the test. A model test should be taken even before you start with your preparations. The results of this model test will help you with understanding about your scoring potential. There are four sections in IELTS:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing

Visit the official IELTS Test format

Work as You Study in USA - Kanan International

How are Scores Calculated in IELTS?

IELTS has four sections. All of these four sections are given scores from 1 to 9. You can score half bands (5.5) or whole bands (5.0) in each of these sections of IELTS. Overall score

How is your overall score calculated?

Your overall score is calculated with the help of the mean score of all the four sections. The four sections of the IELTS are

Most international students who Study in USA are allowed to work. However, because they are given visa for studying purposes only, there are certain restrictions. In spite of the restrictions, it is very much possible for students to find decent work in the USA.

F1 student visa is given to students who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Are pursuing a full-time degree, diploma or a certificate
  • Are enrolled at a high school,
Improve Your TOEFL Score

Preparation is very important. People mostly feel stress during writing exams because they don’t prepare well. Study the format of TOEFL in detail before taking the test.

Become a pro at computers

One of the fastest ways of improving TOEFL scores is to become an expert at using a computer. Not being familiar with using a computer can make you feel nervous. Before you take TOEFL, you should practice typing on a computer

Everything You Need To Know About Studying In The USA

Going to a new country for studying can be a very unnerving experience. It helps to know things beforehand otherwise you might run into awkward situations. A new country, new people and a totally new environment can be a bit daunting at first. But like with everything else, there are ways to work around it.

Before you go for Study in the USA:

  • Check whether you have all the necessary documents
  • Check whether
President Trump and His Impact – If You Are Planning To Study in USA

Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidential Win on Indian International Students

With numerous academic courses to choose from – science, architecture, medicine, arts, engineering, etc., world class institutions providing superior facilities and amenities, United States of America has always been a numero uno choice of Indian studies aspiring for higher education study abroad. But, the recent US presidential elections have put many aspiring student’s future prospects at risk. With Donald Trump being the president-elect, there

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to calibrate English communication skills. This test is conducted world over and is recognized globally. The test measures four basic semantic skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It is the first step in Student Visa application process when applying for VISA to

Studying overseas is a life changing experience for a college student. The worldly exposure, interacting with people of different cultures, and infinite work and living opportunities are some of the advantages of studying abroad.

There are dozens of countries considered to be good destinations for international studies; however, according to the study and research done over years by Kanan International, the following countries are

Pre-departure Services Provided By Kanan International

So you’ve successfully cleared all the extensive admission procedures, interviews, visa processes, etc., and are all set to go for your higher studies to Canada or the U.S. It is natural to feel a mix of emotions at this stage. You’re leaving behind the comfort of your home, city, and all the familiar faces of your family and friends. At the same time, you can’t wait to start your new adventure

The Student Partnership Program Explained

If you are interested in going to Canada for higher studies, you would have undoubtedly heard about the Student Partnership Program, called SPP in short. Either you would have read about it somewhere or heard about it from someone. Whether you have already heard about it but don’t know anything much about it, or you already know a little bit, or are hearing about it for the first time today, we at

Living And Studying Abroad with Kanan International

So you’ve taken the momentous step of deciding to study abroad in Canada or the U.S. Congratulations! You can be sure that this is a decision that will be a positive turning point in your life. With thousands of Indian students weaving spectacular success stories out of their studies abroad, there is no doubt that you too will add your story to this long line of testimonials. Canada and the U.S., especially,

Myths Debunked Pertaining To Studying Abroad

Although the number of students going abroad to study from India has increased exponentially in recent years, with the majority of students choosing the U.S. and Canada, people still have a lot of misgivings about sending their children abroad to study (youngsters too).  The fact is that these myths floating around pertaining to studying abroad, and specifically in these two countries, have to be debunked because it stands in the way of many students

The Perks Of Studying In A Country Like Canada

Canada has always been a magnet for students around the world. In the year 2015 alone, Canada was chosen by more than 250,000 international students as their destination of choice for higher studies. So what is it that makes Canada so attractive to students from all over the world? Here are a few perks of studying in Canada that will give you the answer!

  1. Colleges and universities in Canada

Opportunities Post Ones Studies In Canada

Canada is well known for its world-class educational institutions which attract thousands of students from across the world. With a curriculum that meets the highest standards, industry-linked research and courses, a multicultural and peaceful society, affordable cost of living and insurance, as well as being one of the most scenic countries in the world, there are a lot of advantages to studying in Canada. One of the most attractive features of the

Canada Education Fair by Kanan International

Canada has always been a magnet for students from India, and for very good reasons. These reasons have only become more amplified in the current socio-political-economic climate of Canada, which is very favourable to students and professionals from other countries. Studying in Canada need not be a distant dream anymore. At Kanan International, we are dedicated to making dreams of studying in Australia come true. Here’s why we think Australia is the

Studying in The Top Colleges in USA with Kanan International

United States hosts more international students than any other nation in the world and the number of international students choosing to study in America rises every year. The students coming from various countries do not just want a degree or a certificate; the aim is to broaden their horizon in terms of education and learning experience.

Why America is the Best International Destination for Higher Education?

USA has one of the world’s best

Do you have the passion and ambition to study in best international universities? Do you want to broaden your learning prospects and career opportunities? Are you excited about experiencing different cultures and meeting new people? Kanan International, Gujarat’s leading foreign educational consultants aim to turn your dreams into reality.

We are the pioneers at international education consulting in Gujarat and facilitate our students in full spectrum, beginning from selecting the college/university and

Study Abroad in USA or Canada

If you are planning to choose an international destination for higher education you’ll need to do a lot of homework to understand the scenario completely to make an informed decision. North America, including USA and Canada, has for years been the preferred choice of thousands of international students for higher studies. With par-excellence education system that is recognized globally, flexible academic choices to make, world renowned Colleges and Universities that have paramount

The Best Colleges and Universities in Canada

Dreams are as big as oceans but not every dream is destined to be fulfilled. The intensity of dreams decides whether extra efforts need to be put to achieve them or not! One such dreams that a larger crowd looks towards is to study or make their career abroad – dream of a settled life!

Not everyone can make this dream come true as there are many big and small things attached with

Kanan International Overseas Education Consultant for Canada

Are you looking for an overseas education consultant that can assist you with a proper guidance to help you pursue further studies in Canada? If yes, you have stopped at the right place. Yes, Kanan International is known to be one of the prominent visa consultants of Vadodara and has a record of successfully fulfilling the dreams of many students.

With 20 years of experience, Kanan International has gathered an expertise

IELTS Preparation with Kanan International

The International English Language Testing System i.e. IELTS is a test undertaken to measure the language proficiency of individuals who want to make their career or study abroad in environments where English is used as a mode of communication.

To prepare the IELTS takers, the coaching centers have come up that provide them IELTS training sessions and groom students to get adequate results that qualify them to carry out